Little girl standing by the railroad tracks brown pigtails sticking out akimbo from her head blue gingham dress checked with an apron that started life as white before it went through three cousins and one older sister. Little girl standing […]

Crying in the Rain

The funny things about crying in the rain is that you can’t tell which is which. I’m sitting on the porch under an overflowing gutter with a clogged downspout as a sheet of water pours over me, late-summer thunderstorm washing […]

Choices, Part 10

I might have mentioned that I have remarkable children. I might have mentioned that it’s sometimes a pain in the ass. If I didn’t, then I’ll say it now: it’s sometimes a pain in the ass to have remarkable children. […]


I realized upon looking through my poetry that I’ve written a lot of poems about getting dumped. Now it’s been a long time since I’ve been dumped. Suzy and I have been married for almost 14 years now, and we’ve […]


Rainbow After the lightning stopped and the wind died down I crawled out from under my hastily erected shelter and picked up the pieces of my life that your storm scattered across the world for all my neighbors to see. […]


How did we get from Eating Star Crunches Naked in my bedroom With your nipples playing peekaboo behind your curls While I lean against the wall wondering how lucky I am To me curled up in the fucking pantry Listening […]