Choices, part 20

“Where did you learn to play poker?” Cain asked. “Now, big brother, don’t worry. I can teach you if you want. Daddy, where did you pick me and Mama up?” “Texas.” “And what’s the name of the game we’re playing?” “Texas Hold’em.” “Now doesn’t it stand to reason that a girl who grew up in Texas, and happened to have been raised next to a bar, might have learned a little about poker?” She kept up the sweetness and light demeanor, which I think made it all the worse. “So how much do you have?” I finally asked. “About sixteen […]

Choices, part 19

The casino in New Orleans is just like most of them, loud, garish and a little depressing. It’s no wonder Lucky feels so at home in them. I wonder what it says about me that I also feel very at home among the dropouts, the degenerates and the hopeless dreamers. But I’ve always like blackjack, and I count cards just well enough to generally make a little money without getting noticed by the floor guys or the eye in the sky. I sat down at a low-limit table and settled in to a nice six-deck shoe. Most people think you […]

Choices, Part 18

It was noon by the time we got to the police station, and the desk sergeant was glad to see us. Or more to the point, he was glad to see anyone that would agree to take Eve off their hands. We paid her fine, collected her belongings, including that ridiculously large bag, and waited on the sidewalk for her. It took about twenty minutes, but finally she tromped down the steps, grabbed her bag from Cain, and started walking off down the street. “Thanks for the bail money, kiddo.” She tossed over her left shoulder without breaking stride. We […]

Drinking Philosophical

Drinking Philosophical I’m drinking beer and waxing philosophical while I look across another empty dinner table and stare out the window at an empty spot in the driveway. I’m sitting here drinking watching MASH reruns on the TV wondering where she went and if she’s coming back. The letter on the fridge bets on “No” but the seventh beer says “Maybe” and the ninth says “Yes” so I keep right on drinking all the way to “Of course.” I fall asleep in my chair again while the cat stares disapprovingly from the top of the TV set and the dog […]


Moonlight You wrap the night around me like a blanket and we fall in love again while the honeysuckle blooms explode in my nose. The rushing water in the distance beats out a rhythm disjointed from your even-uneven panting. I can hear the sweat falling from your lips when you kiss me your hair falling over my face like a curtain hiding us from prying lightning-bug eyes. The grass beneath my back smells sweet as we crush it into verdant Rorshach patterns while we dance conjoined under the light of a new moon and a hundred thousand stars.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Sitting at a bare table In a sunny kitchen While the weather contradicts everything. I’m crying in my pecan pie While I taste you in every bite As the blue-haired women murmur appropriate nothings In the parlor And run their slightly disapproving white-gloved fingertips Along the tops of the picture frames on the mantel. All I want to do is scream But all I do is sit there smelling your cooking While I eat the last pie you baked for me. I can almost hear the shuffle of your bedroom slippers On the cracked linoleum, Almost taste your […]

Sunday Morning Poetry

So I’ve realized that a lot of my poems are about people dying, or people dealing with people dying, or people getting dumped, or dealing with being dumped. It’s not that I’m in a particularly grieving or dumped state at the moment. As a matter of fact I’m happily married and all the people I care deeply about are as alive as they were yesterday, as far as I know. But dying and dumping are strong emotions, and that’s kinda stirring, so I kinda take myself back there a lot of times when I write. I just thought I’d mention […]

Choices, Part 17

I love the dreams about The Garden. It’s the only time I get to go back there, and those are the dreams I hate to wake up from. In this one, everybody was there. Me, Eve, Cain, Abel, Myra, Emily, all my children and wives from thousands of years, and all of Eve’s husbands and babies, too. I was sitting under The Tree watching Emily pose while Cain painted her portrait. She was sitting on a rock, barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt on, with a flower stuck behind one ear. Cain looked more at peace than I’d seen him […]

Choices, Part 16

Chapter 4 (or whatever) “Oh Hell, no!” Was the first thing I heard as Eve preceded me into Cain’s apartment. She whirled on her heel and ran smack into my chest as she made for a hasty exit. “I am NOT going to be in the same room as that self-righteous son of a bitch, and that’s all there is to it. I don’t know what kind of shit you think you were gonna pull, Adam, but I will have nothing to do with that angelic motherfucker. Period.” She continued to try to push past me as her diatribe bounced […]

Choices, Part 15

“Well, I suppose that went as well as I expected,” were the first words I heard upon waking. I took a moment to examine my surroundings before I opened my eyes. Head still attached, check. Extremities mobile, check. Lying on some ludicrously hard surface, check. LOUD wherever I was, check. I decided that since I was still alive, I may as well let everyone know it. I opened my eyes to see Cain and Emily standing over me, backlight by pink neon. “Where am I?” I asked woozily. “Really? Isn’t that just a stereotype? Do people really ask that?” Emily […]