Choices, part 20

“Where did you learn to play poker?” Cain asked. “Now, big brother, don’t worry. I can teach you if you want. Daddy, where did you pick me and Mama up?” “Texas.” “And what’s the name of the game we’re playing?” […]

Drinking Philosophical

Drinking Philosophical I’m drinking beer and waxing philosophical while I look across another empty dinner table and stare out the window at an empty spot in the driveway. I’m sitting here drinking watching MASH reruns on the TV wondering where […]


Moonlight You wrap the night around me like a blanket and we fall in love again while the honeysuckle blooms explode in my nose. The rushing water in the distance beats out a rhythm disjointed from your even-uneven panting. I […]

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Sitting at a bare table In a sunny kitchen While the weather contradicts everything. I’m crying in my pecan pie While I taste you in every bite As the blue-haired women murmur appropriate nothings In the parlor And […]

Choices, Part 15

“Well, I suppose that went as well as I expected,” were the first words I heard upon waking. I took a moment to examine my surroundings before I opened my eyes. Head still attached, check. Extremities mobile, check. Lying on […]