Travel Notes

I’m thinking about starting a new feature here involving hotel and restaurant reviews, given the amount that I’m travelling lately. Of course, the information contained herein would likely only be of use to folks travelling to Atlanta or various portions of North Carolina, but who knows, maybe somebody would find those scribbles useful. There’s certainly nothing to report on the poker front, since I haven’t played a hand of cards in weeks. I’ve got a seat at a new small buy-in tourney tonight, though, so we’ll see how that goes. This weekend might even see a return of the home […]

Freewrite 8/15/09

I’m sitting on a 3.99 plastic Wal-Mart chair on a concrete balcony on the third floor of a Courtyard motel in Eastern North Carolina watching rainbows smear the asphalt across the parking lot as oil and water play stubborn through the summer thunderstorm. I’m drinking a lukewarm Miller Lite trying not to notice the fat woman testing the superstructure of her halter top and the suspension of her ’93 Yellow Geo Tracker. Her flip-flops thwack-splish thwack-splish across the parking lot looking for a vacancy and maybe a little shelter from the storm. I put a little Jessica Lea Mayfield on […]

Taking applications for wingman/woman

So last night I found myself in a somewhat familiar situation of late, I wanted to go see a concert and Suzy didn’t want to go with me. Since I don’t really have a designated wingman in these situations, I took the comp tickets I had to the Avett Brothers show and went by myself. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there to see that my free tickets were next to my friends Gillian and Douglas, so at least I had someone to chat with between sets. BTW, I’m taking applications for wingman. There’s a lot of good music […]

Vegas plans – December

Now that the lovely April has confirmed the annual degenerate’s poker tourney at Caesar’s Palace for 12/12/09, it’s time to lock in those Vegas plans! Now I booked a room for Suzy and I at the MGM Grand a while back, and got what I thought was a pretty good deal – $149/night with an all-day buffet pass for each person in the room. That works out to be at least $100/day worth of free food, so in essence we’re staying at the MGM Grand for $50/night! I know, I won’t be eating all my meals there, but I can […]

Decisions, Decisions

I was at the beginning of a long, drawn-out post on whether or not to start writing chapters of a book on sales here or keep this as a more focused fiction/poetry blog, when I remembered something April once told me. I think her words were “It’s your blog. Fuck ’em if they don’t like it.” See? We don’t just like her because she’s really cute. With good shoes. So there will be some stuff coming in the next few weeks about how to sell things. If you like it, read it. If you sell stuff and find it helpful, […]

Houseboat Blues, Part 2

It was some time after anything that could be considered early morning, so the boys decided to forego breakfast, rummaging through the economy-size cooler in the lower levels of the houseboat to find a pack of brats to grill up. John Roy manned the grill, Joe Don being barred from anything having to do with fire after the unfortunate fart-lighting incident that cost John Roy his favorite sofa a couple years ago. The brats were nearing the perfect mix of plump and sizzly when Joe Don called down from the roof of the houseboat. “Hey! Car comin’!” “I can see […]

“Scarlett O’Hara grabbed me by the balls…

…and never let go.” That’s a quote from the play I’m directing, Moonlight and Magnolias. The play is about the five days in 1939 when filming was halted on Gone with the Wind, a new director was hired, and an entire new screeenplay was created. By a writer who’d never read the book. Talk about a gig! The play all takes place in produced David Selznick’s office, with Selznick and director Victor Fleming acting out scenes from the book as screenwriter Ben Hecht turns it into a script. It’s a pretty funny show, especially if you’re really familiar with GWTW. […]

Good News!

This was in my inbox when I returned from auditions tonight – Shipped on Mon, 03 Aug 2009 via FedEx Ground Home Delivery All items in your order have been shipped. In This Shipment =========================== 100 of Returning the Favor and other slices of life by John G. Hartness (Printed) Shipped To: 3512 Winterfield Pl. Charlotte, NC 28205 So by the end of the week (hopefully) I’ll have a pile of copies of Returning the Favor in hand and ready to ship out to those of you who have (or will) purchase the analog version. So far I have sold […]