Random Bits & Bobs

So with Thanksgiving upon us, I guess I’m supposed to list things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful to be employed. And most days in a job I like. I’d be thankful for a little more freelance work, because that would take a little financial pressure off, but I have limited time to chase that in, so I think I’m good with status quo and a few baloney sandwiches for the time being. I’m thankful that the reception to our podcast has so far been excellent. With just two episodes released (next one drops Sunday 12/6!) we’re knocking on the door […]

Go Bag – Part 2

Yeah, that whole post again tomorrow bit wasn’t working out, was it? Anyway, the front pocket of my backpack is pretty packed, but it gets a lot roomier moving backwards. The second pocket is where I carry stuff that I don’t need that often, more for emergencies. I keep a USB-Car adaptor in there in case I’m in a rental car and forgot my car charger for the iPhone (happens more often than I care to admit). I also keep a small LED flashlight and a glow stick in there. Yeah, one of those snap it and shake it glow […]

Notes from the road – what’s in your go bag?

Reading Pauly’s travel advice recently led me to think “Hey, you travel a lot, too, but kinda in a different fashion. Why not put together a few tips for frequent (or infrequent) business travellers?” So here they come – John’s tips on travelling light but travelling complete. Most folks who travel often keep a “go bag,” that bag of stuff that is either ready to go at a moment’s notice, or just goes everywhere with them. In some cases, this is a suitcase with two pairs of socks and underwear, a dop kit and a change of clothes. In my […]

On Comment Spammers, Atlanta and Poetry Contests

Does anyone have a good plugin or app to keep comment spammers off your WordPress blog? I’m by no means an expert on the format and I get tons of spam comments each day. So I’d love your help if there’s a solution out there that I just don’t know about. Back in Atlanta this week, working (ish) ’til Wednesday afternoon. Got no plans tonight if you’re in the ATL and wanna get together, let me know. I’ve pretty much settled into a routine of staying at the Marriott Century Center, because it’s convenient to the interstate and thus my […]

The Russian and the Medallion

I had seen in him in the cardroom since I sat down, he was obviously a local and was in there a lot. You’ll have that when you’re in the only casino within a couple hours’ drive. I don’t remember his name, it was something obviously Russian or at least Eastern European. We’re gonna go with Andre, even though I know that’s not right, but it’s something in the same phonetic realm at least. Andre was playing $1/2 No Limit when I sat down, and it took less than an orbit to figure out that he was one of the […]

Playing Catsup

Because sometimes it’s all just a slimy mess around here. And the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. Since I got back from West Virginia, I’ve spent a few days in Atlanta, presented a seminar at a church construction trade show, lost $15 in a home game, won a poetry contest, and become (along with Special K) a real live podcaster. Yeah, Special K and I are launching the Gambling Tales Podcast, which we’re tagging as the best in lies and legends about gambling and gamblers. Our first episode should be up on iTunes any day now, and […]