Depending on the kindness…

Not of strangers, it hasn’t been that kind of a Blanche DuBois weekend, but of my friends and relatives for sure. I’ve always wondered a little at the Southern tradition of bringing food over at the home of the sick and the deceased, and that’s largely because I’ve never really dealt with being the one in the house dealing with all the shit that goes on with a sick partner. So the fact that our friends have supplied meals all weekend has been a huge help, more than I could ever explain to anyone that hasn’t been there. And I […]

Publication Update

My poem Santa Fix, about a dysfunctional Christmas, was recently published in Deuce Coupe. I like this blog/journal because it tends to run edgier stuff, so I’m hoping it will be an outlet for some darker work for me. Not all poetry is pretty, and it’s a great thing to have outlets for the raw material.

Suzy update and Work in Progress

Today is better than yesterday – her mobility is improved a lot and her pain is more manageable. She’s off IV painkillers and onto oral drugs, so she’s in a little more pain, but nothing that she can’t handle. She’s moving almost normally, and I don’t think there will be any problem with getting her home tomorrow. Her staples can come out tomorrow, and that’s basically the only thing keeping her here. Then the challenges with living at home will begin. Obviously most folks don’t think about recovering from surgery when they’re picking out a home, but just for the […]

I’m not going to use the word “malpractice”

And I’m not. Except in an SEO-building post title, because I’m a traffic whore. So things yesterday could have gone better, but I don’t fault Suzy’s doctor for the things that went wrong. The plan was to perform a laproscopic hysterectomy, which would reduce her recovery time and leave her with only two small incisions on her abdomen, one in her bellybutton and one on her side. The ovaries would be left in place unless there appeared to be something wrong with them once the docs were able to make the judgement on site, as it were. Well, the best […]

Red Dirt Review – Call for Submissions

So I know there are a lot of writers that read this, and I hope a few more will as well. The Red Dirt Review, Charlotte’s latest and greatest literary magazine, or at least the one that’s mine, is now open for submissions. I’m looking for the best of the South, and the best of the friends of the South. If you’ve ever lived in the South, been drunk in a ditch in the South, driven 14 hours each way to hang out in a bar in Greenville, SC, or owned an album by Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson […]

Hospital – the beginnings

It’s 5:40 AM and I’ve been up for two hours. That’s about the epitome of suck in my life, as I am the furthest thing from a morning person. At least the waiting room has wi-fi. My father-in-law just arrived with Suzy’s aunt in tow, beginning the phenomenon that I’ve never understood – the waiting room congregation. I understand the principle – you want to show your support for the person having surgery, and be there in case the family member that has to be on site in case of emergencies needs anything. And in case of emergency surgery, it […]