So I’ve gotten most of the stuff that was stolen when my car was broken into replaced. For those who missed the Facebook updates and would like the whole story, here it is. On Tuesday night, March 9th, I had […]


Here’s my official warning – this post will be maudlin, boring and contain more information than you have any right to or interest in. If that bugs you, stop reading here and go play Farmville or something. Still here? Well, […]

Kinda back

I’m back home, but not yet ready to be back completely online and back to normal. I’m putting my life back together after having my car broken into and computer stolen, losing all my passwords and tons of data in […]

Out of pocket

That’s where I’ll likely be for the rest of the week. I’m currently in Charleston, WV en route tomorrow to Lexington, KY for the Southeastern Theatre Conference for work. I’ll be manning our booth part of the weekend, teaching two […]