So I’ve gotten most of the stuff that was stolen when my car was broken into replaced. For those who missed the Facebook updates and would like the whole story, here it is. On Tuesday night, March 9th, I had tickets to go see Reckless Kelly and Cross Canadian Ragweed with my friends Rob & Monique. We met for dinner in Little Five Points in Atlanta, because that’s where the concert was. Since that area was between our Atlanta office and my hotel, I didn’t go back to the hotel before the concert to drop off my laptop. This turned […]


Here’s my official warning – this post will be maudlin, boring and contain more information than you have any right to or interest in. If that bugs you, stop reading here and go play Farmville or something. Still here? Well, you were warned. Depression is a motherfucker. It’s something I’ve fought on and off ever since I was a teenager with far to much angst-ridden music and sharp implements for my own good. I haven’t cut myself in years, that’s something I put by the wayside in college, and there were never any serious attempts at offing myself, I have […]

Returning to Pocket

So there are a lot of things I did wring with my computer security that led to plenty of anxiety over the last week. I’ll out myself here with all the stupid things I did in hopes that some of you will realize that theft and burglary are real problems in a down economy, and that it can in fact happen to you. 1) I didn’t password-protect my laptop. It’s a simple thing, but I thought it would be too much of a pain in the ass to put a password lock on my machine. That left my computer hugely […]

Kinda back

I’m back home, but not yet ready to be back completely online and back to normal. I’m putting my life back together after having my car broken into and computer stolen, losing all my passwords and tons of data in the process. So I think I’ll be able to resume normal life sometime next week. Fortunately I have a rider on my homeowner’s insurance that will cover things stolen from my car, so I’ll only be out a deductible instead of the $7-8K the gear was worth. I’ll tell y’all the whole sordid story later on.

Out of pocket

That’s where I’ll likely be for the rest of the week. I’m currently in Charleston, WV en route tomorrow to Lexington, KY for the Southeastern Theatre Conference for work. I’ll be manning our booth part of the weekend, teaching two workshops, herding kittens for a new products seminar and spending entirely too much money on booze for the rest of the week. So I thought I’d drop a brief post to let you know what’s up in the Hartness household. Suzy’s in pretty good shape, she had a checkup this week and was told that it would be about two […]