BBT5 Invitational Part 1

Wherein I play some hands good, some hands bad, some hands mediocre, and bust out just a little out of the money. For my non-pokery readers, this is a heavy poker post. If you’re not into that, read an archived post for a little while. So last night was the first BBT5 invitational tournament, and I was both happy and disappointed with my performance. Happy that I went deep, busting two out of the money in a tough field, and disappointed that I pissed away a big chip lead in two really poorly played hands. Of course, there was some […]


Sitting in the car waiting for Suzy as she goes into the bowels of Hell (Wal-Mart on a Saturday). We’ve been out running errands for an hour or so now, and that’s only resulted in one brief fight, which is pretty good for us. I’m checking out the WordPress app for iPhone and it’s not bad. Of course the auto correct on the spelling has been my saving grace so far… Did a short reading last night at Just Do It at Theatre Charlotte, and that was well-received. Sold a book, which is always good, and when I got home […]

And somedays it pays to be an old-timer

And not just because I’m creeping ever-closer to the free sweet tea at Hardee’s. Once upon a time I had a poker blog. Some days this spot here even masquerades as one, but those days are few and far between, kinda like my winning sessions at the poker table. Maybe if I sucked less, I’d write more. And maybe if I wrote more about my game, I’d suck less. It’s entirely possible that it’s something like the antithesis of the vicious cycle, but who knows? Anyway, because I occasionally write about poker (and have you ever noticed that occasionally is […]

Really? 20 Years? Oy, somebody get me a Geritol…

So after attending the 20th anniversary tour of the brand new record for 1990, They Might Be Giants’ brand new album, Flood, I shoulda known that it was getting to be that time in my life. The time that I am once again reminded that I’m getting old. There were a few seminal albums for the beginning of my college life, and depending on who was around, that determined what was in the CD player (or tape deck, or whatever). Here are a few, with some associations – Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes: There were so many resonances on this […]

Challenge continues

Won’t be hard to keep up with my Poem a Day challenge this week, since I signed on for another month of Just Do It at Theatre Charlotte April 16th. If you’re in town, you should check it out. It’s $5, and a whole fun mishmash of different written stuff, poetry, spoken word, theatre and whatever comes out of the crowd that night. This will be the third one I’ve participated in and I have a great time. The theme this time around is “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” This is one of the pieces I came up […]


Not a ton of time before I’m off to Atlanta, but a whirlwind week here at Casa de Falstaff. Hired a new sales guy at work. We didn’t really have a position open, but when a competitor closed their doors unexpectedly we hired their Sales Manager quick like bunny. He’s a sharp guy and I think he’ll add a lot to our team long-term, but now I have 13 people reporting to me when it was 5 a little more than a year ago. Still trying to strike the right balance between the Sales part of my job and the […]

Challenge, Day 2

I wrote another one today, but I like it less than yesterday’s, and since I was informed that I was off to a weak start for yesterday’s poem (he was right, but I still thought it was mildly amusing), I decided not to put it up here. No, really, I haven’t let one critical comment keep me from posting, the one I wrote today was some real shite. And that’s not necessarily an uncommon occurrence. When I’m writing every day, I try to crank out at least one poem, preferable two, or at least 1,000 words on my new novel […]

Poem a Day Challenge

For National Poetry Month (yeah, I didn’t know either until I started reading poetry blogs, because apparently I’m a poet now, which while may sound gay as all get-out does not in and of itself mean that I will commence to smoking cloves and I am still far more likely to be found wearing a luchador mask than a beret. That is all) there’s a Poem a Day challenge at Poetic Asides, a Writer’s Digest blog written by Robert Lee Brewer. I’m going to try to keep track and write a poem each day, but let’s be reasonable here, I […]