Something new – a writing challenge

I’ve decided to use Kait Nolan’s Round of Words in 80 Days to kick-start me into finishing Back in Black (and Blue) – Black Knight Chronicles, Vol. 2. I’m about 7,000 words into the book now, and I should be able to finish it out within 80 days if I have someone that I have to report in to. So here goes – I’m going to write the last 50,000 words of Volume 2 between now and March 24th, with an intermediate goal of 5,000 words each week. I usually write 1,000 words per day during the week and give […]

Write-in Campaign!

I want to sell books. I want to sell a LOT of books. One of the ways I can sell a lot of books is by getting noticed by a lot of people. Right now, is having a Best of 2010 contest, and I’d like all of you to write in The Chosen for Best Debut Author. Most of you have told me you liked the book, and it would increase my recognition quite a bit to make the top ten or so on the list. Also feel free to vote me in on any other categories that make […]

It’s that time again

I suppose as I look around and see a bunch of my friends putting up year in review blogs that it’s time to either look back and evaluate the year that was, or look forward into the future and see what kind of year I want to have. Since the immediate past sucks, let’s look forward, shall we? Here are my goals for the year 2011, and since I didn’t make any type of resolutions in 2010, I have nothing to compare it to. Writing – I want to keep it up. I’ve published two novels and a collection of […]

The beginnings of thanks

First I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has linked to the story on Facebook and a huge thanks to folks who have donated already! My invisible internet friends came up with several hundred bucks in just a couple of hours, and I appreciate everything. I can’t tell you how touched we all were with the community efforts this weekend, and I continue to be amazed at what everyone is doing. I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough, but I’ll try to start here. You people are all amazing! Shannon Jones Anderson, one of my dearest friends from […]

This is not the Christmas recap I thought I’d be posting.

Because it was all supposed to be pretty smooth. My sister Bonnie had been dropped off at her daughter’s place, Suzy and I had exchanged gifts (she got me a treadmill and a recumbent bike, so hopefully there will be less of me to love in 2010), and Suzy was off to get a pedicure Friday morning while I was chilling in the recliner watching Netflix with a cat in my lap. Then, as so often happens, the phone rang and it went all pear-shaped. My sister’s ringtone is Dierks Bentley’ cover of the Bob Dylan tune “Senor,” so when […]

WPBT 2010, Part the first

This will be a multi-part trip report, spread out over several posts, over several days. Don’t get all impatient when I get sidetracked by – Oh look, squirrel! – and it might take me a while to get back to it, but all the stories I remember will be told eventually. Let’s start at the beginning. My flight sucked. Let’s be really clear, here. My flight suuuuccccckkkkkeeeedddddd. I t was crowded, hot, bouncy, and I was uncomfortable for most of the four and a half hours. It’s times like that when I’m supremely jealous of friends like Special K, who […]

Getting ready…

There are a lot of preparations going on around the Casa de Hartness this week. Not only am I getting ready to head off to Vegas to play poker and drink like a college kid with some of my best friends (most of whom I see once a year if I’m lucky), but we’re also getting ready for a houseguest. An invalid houseguest. While I’m gone. And it’s my sister. If there was any question about the sainthood of my wife, it goes away when I tell you that for the second time in three months, my sister is staying […]

Back for a few days…

From the Great White North, although it wasn’t really white, in the sense that there was no snow, but it was cold in New York City this weekend. Suzy and I went up for our anniversary, just a quick Friday-Sunday jaunt, and had a great time. We spent time wandering around Rockefeller Center looking at all the decorations there, then checked out some of the 5th Ave. store window decorations, like the killer windows at Saks, then I took her shopping at Mood Fabrics on Saturday (she’s a Project Runway junkie, so this stop was a must), and I got […]