Listen to this – Sol Driven Train

Last night Suzy and I went to see Hayseed Dixie at the Neighborhood Theatre, and the boys were rockin’, as always. We had decided to blow it off, but at the last minute, an actress from the show Suzy’s working on (The Princess Bride for Citzens of the Universe) called us to see if we were still going, and since I’d managed a long nap in the afternoon, I said “fuggit, let’s roll.” So I threw on my cowboy boots, my Cross Canadian Ragweed (RIP to one of my fave Okie bands) and we headed out to drink cheap beer […]

Back in Black update & Round and Round(Con)

Before I get into the beginnings of my RoundCon update, I have BIG NEWS! Back in Black is now available for purchase! If you’ve enjoyed the first volume of the Black Knight Chronicles, this one is sure to please. It’s even more ridiculous than the first adventure, with vampires, fairies, trolls and a dragon! Yes, a dragon! And for the first time ever, my vampires sparkle! Don’t worry, they get over it. So go to Amazon and get your copy now. If you don’t have a Kindle, go to Smashwords and get your copy for other formats. And if for […]

More fun with pricing

So the question of how much to sell my book for is a pretty constant one among indie writers. We don’t want to devalue our work, but we don’t want people to think we’re gouging them, either. We don’t want to race for the bottom, but we want to find the sweet spot for pricing that maximizes revenue and doesn’t leave any sales on the table. Some folks do very well with a $4.95 price point, some folks do well with a $2.99 price point, and some folks are moving a ton of books at $.99 each. If you read […]

No Sunday Spotlight this week

On account of I’m le tired. Almost done with the second proof of Back in Black (and Blue), and the more I type it, the less I’m nuts about the title. So do you guys have any suggestions? The criteria are – must reference a rock song and must use the word Black or Knight in the title. Leave me a comment if you have a better title for a snarky-funny vampire book that fits those criteria. Georgia Thespian Festival was fun, I got to meet some nice folks and get an idea of the scope of the educational theatre […]

My foot hurts!

Because I shot myself in it! Well, not me, really. But another independent author has been garnering all sorts of attention, and not the good kind, for her response to a review her book received. Apparently the book was given an unfavorable review, and the author took to her blog. Now that’s one thing, and I’m certainly in the “it’s your blog, write whatever you want camp.” But the author named names, and called the reviewer unprofessional and took exception to the fact that her review was not objective. There are a couple of things here that are not good […]

If it’s Wednesday, it must be…

Hell if I know! This is one of those weeks where it gets to be hard to remember what town (or state) I’m in on any given evening, and you really get confused because the hotel room last night had the bathroom in the other direction and now you just peed on the air conditioner at 3:30 in the morning, and trust me that is NOT something you want to explain to the front desk at checkout. Theoretically speaking, of course. Sunday I flew to Wisconsin for some work training, and got home Tuesday night a little after midnight. It’s […]

Sunday Spotlight – Jenny Pox

My posting this week will be a bit limited as I bounce from the Great White North back down to Georgia for work travel all week, but I didn’t want to leave you without a Sunday Spotlight. And this one’s super-fresh because I just finished this book on the plane. Jenny Pox by JL Bryan – wow, what a roller coaster ride. The blurb from Smashwords goes like this – Jenny has a secret. Her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague. She devotes her life to avoiding contact with people, but her senior year of high school, she falls in […]

That albatross is slain, at least

Before I get to dead birds, I just found out that my book, The Chosen, is featured on Spalding’s Racket today! If you don’t know Nick, you should check out his blog. He highlights indie authors, is an indie author, and has a fantastic snarky sense of humor! Check out his book, Life…with no Breaks, when you need a good laugh! Now, about my albatross. The one that’s been hanging around my neck all week, I mean. I’ve finished my short story for the Twelve Worlds anthology that the inimitable Derek J. Canyon is putting together. The anthology will be […]

Long week

It’s 10:30 on a Friday night and I’m just beginning to catch my breath. This was a long week, and it looks to be followed by another one of the same. I’ve been to Atlanta, Durham, Raleigh and Winston-Salem this week, and next week sees me in Madison, WI, Atlanta and Columbus, GA and then eventually back to Charlotte. Then I think I’m home for most of a week before RoundCon in Columbia, SC, which will be a nice little semi-vacation. More to the point, I’ll be working, but I’ll be working for me and not for The Man. Although, […]

So now I’m officially behind

I missed a deadline this morning. Well, I probably haven’t really missed it until tonight, and there is a slightly less than zero percent chance that I can create a short story out of whole cloth between now and the time I go to sleep. Except for the fact that I’m at work, which interferes with my writing. It’s considered somewhat untoward for the manager to be working on his fiction writing while at work. We’re not going to talk about my blogging while working, because it doesn’t take as long. And because we’re not going to talk about it. […]