Out like a lamb, poetry coming in…

As we pull into the last couple of days of March (just a few hours left to enter my contest for a Kindle!), National Poetry Month is looming on the horizon. To celebrate said celebration, I’m going to participate in Kells’ Poetry Book Giveaway! All you have to do is comment here to enter, and you’re entered! One lucky winner will win a copy of Rhett Iseman Trull’s amazing book, The Real Warnings. The consolation prize will be a copy of my book, Red Dirt Boy, signed by the redneck himself! Yes, I know the link is to the ebook, […]

Book Spotlight – Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

So I’ll admit to crushing a little on Kalayna Price just off of her author’s pic. But seriously, go here and tell me she’s not just cute as all get out. I dare you. Then I met her at RoundCon, and found out that she’s just as nice, engaging and smart as she is cute and fashionable (there’s a post coming about convention/signing wear, the writer’s costume and all that, but I think I have to finish formulating my opinion before I can write it. Not that having a half-baked opinion has ever stopped me from writing anything.). Then I […]

Charlotte ComiCon Report

I had bronchitis and was sick as a dog, but I made it down to the Crown Plaza hotel and hung out for the day with some cool peeps like the guy who got stuck being my neighbor, Bobby Nash. Bobby’s a comic writer among many other things, and he was gracious enough to snap the picture below and email it over. Check out his stuff and give him some love, he’s a great guy! I sold a couple of books, but of course spent more than I made, thanks largely to finding the Sandman Dream Hunters hardcover, as well […]

Back from the dead

Not really, but back from the exceptionally busy with the day job, then flat on my back for a few days with bronchitis. But here’s a quick announcement for all of you who want to win my contest giving away a Kindle, Nook or Amazon Gift Certificate! You can earn additional entries between now and March 31 by “liking” my Facebook page and by following me on Twitter! If you already follow me and like me, you get one entry for each location already! That’s right, click here to go to my Facebook page, click the “like” button, and you […]

(Paper)Back in Black update

Back in Black is now available in paperback! You can get your copy by following this link, or if you want a signed copy, in a few days I’ll have a link added to the side of the home page so you can order them directly from me. Beware – those will take a while to arrive. I do not yet have my hard copies in hand, and life is hectic right now, so signed copies will probably take a week or two to ship. Your best bet, as always, is to see me at a show (like the Charlotte […]

Sales Update – after a fashion

So I ran a few numbers after reading my buddy Derek’s blog this morning (and you can check out more from Derek in the back of Back in Black, a preview of his novel Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance is part of the Bonus Content) and his sales report led me to crunch a few numbers of my very own. I don’t have exact numbers on gross sales, or on exact numbers of copies sold across all distribution channels, so my figures aren’t exact (which in the world of figures would tell me that they were largely meaningless) but there are […]

Where I am this week…

Atlanta, of course, because I’ve spent way too much time down here lately. The Southeastern Theatre Conference is in town, so I’ll be here through Saturday, teaching classes, buying drinks and generally trying to make the company some money while having as good a time as is allowed by law. You know how to find me if you’re in town. I’m also online in the new issue of Truckin’. Pauly was kind enough to offer up a spot in a couple of issues for previews from my books, and being the attention whore that I am, I took him up […]