Reviews, promos and contests, oh my!

I’ve got a few posts percolating, but here’s a quickie for a Monday morning. Hard Day’s Knight has gotten a great review over on Grace Krispy’s MotherLode Blog. She enjoyed the book, and lodges some valid critiques about character development and editing. Editing is something that all self-pubbed (indie) authors struggle with, and I’m grateful that for the most part people give me at least a partial pass on a few typos. I try as hard as I can to weed them all out, and use beta readers and freelance editors to try and get the ones that I didn’t […]

March by the Numbers

To say that things picked up a little in March with regards to books sales would be a pretty significant understatement. I’m happy to say that my revenue rebounded from a dismal February, and that I blew through all hopes of my ebook sales for the month. February was a good ebook sales month, seeing 88 total units sold, but a terrible revenue month, barely breaking $100 for the month overall. There are a couple of reasons for this – I dropped the price of Hard Day’s Knight to .99 halfway through the month, and I did no personal appearances/signings/cons […]