Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

As a matter of fact, they’re on 7th Street most days, but this weekend they’ll all be downtown at the Charlotte Convention Center! Yep, it’s one of my favorite times of the year, time for the Heroes Con! With this year, I’ll have hit almost hit the cycle with this con, having worked the con as an employee, attended as a fan, and now I’ll be there with my booth selling and signing books! I’ve got what I think is a killer booth location, Booth AA-65, right along the front wall of the show, on the end really close to […]

Another week gone?

And I’m not sure where it went. Well, part of it went down the road to Atlanta, where I hired a new Project Manager for work. He seems to be fitting in fairly well so far, but the job has a tremendous learning curve, so it’ll be a year or two before he really has all his sea legs. Fortunately I have another really good PM down there right now, and he will serve as an excellent teacher. Broke the 2,000 book mark for the first time this month, so that was really exciting. When I started the month my […]

Magical Words and Self/Traditional/Small Press Publishing

There’s been a great discussion over the past few days over at Magical Words, which is a group blog by some fantastic writers. Because I can’t stay out of a good debate, I’ve been sticking my nose in the comments. One of the best things about this series of posts is not just that everyone involved has some type of experience, from NYT bestsellers to multiple short story sales, to dozens of novels, to my little couple of years on the front lines of self-publishing. I’m by far the least experienced writer in the comments, but there’s a lot to […]

Preview Sunday – Return to Eden Part 2

So once upon a time I promised to post sections of a work in progress, posted one bit and then forgot about it. Well, I didn’t really forget, more like the world took me in another direction for a few weeks, but I’m back now, so here’s the next little piece of Return to Eden. Let me know what you think!And thanks to everyone who’s discovered me through the blog tour, it’s exhausting running all over the internets, my feet are killing me, but it’s very worthwhile so far. The first installment can be found here, if you’re late to […]

Bring on the weekend!

Because I need one. It’s been kind of a rough week at work and I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing other stuff that isn’t working. My goals for the weekend – 1) Get a buzz tonight. I have beer, Vicodin and muscle relaxers thanks to a tweaked back and a doctor’s visit earlier this week. I think this one is a lock. 2) Get a haircut. I am turning into a shaggy beast and need to do something about it. Last Friday I found my beard trimmer after about a month’s absence, so I was able to tame […]

Updates and Tour Stuff

Rent is up, and it’s fantastic. If you’re in the Charlotte area anytime in the next two weeks, and can get a ticket (several performances are already sold out), you should come see this show. It’s one of the best casts I’ve worked with, very even from ensemble to leads, and the voices are amazing! They have a ton of energy, a ton of devotion to the show, and they leave everything they’ve got out on the stage every night. They hold nothing back, which is fantastic. It might be tough this Saturday night when they have two shows, but […]

Hittin’ the Road

The Virtual Road, that is. Next week kicks off my blog tour with Bookish Snob Promotions, so here’s a rundown on where I’ll be and what you can expect when I’m there. May 16 – I’ll be doing a Guest Post over at Black Lagoon Reviews May 17 – I’ll be doing a Guest Post at Karissa’s Book Review, along with a chance for folks to win a signed copy of Hard Day’s Knight! May 18 – The fine folks at Urban Fantasy Investigations have done an interview with me. May 19 – Another Guest Post, this one at My […]

So what’s up?

Not much – yeah, that’s a load of crap. I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff from work, to theatre, to upcoming shows to trying to get Knight Moves polished up and ready to go. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the first draft now, and was hoping to finish the whole thing for the Heroes Con in June, but that’s realistically not going to happen. I go into tech rehearsals for RENT next week, so I’ll be losing most of two weeks’ worth of writing time in the evenings, what with loading things in this week and tech […]

Back…mostly…for a few days…then gone again?

I’m back from the Fest that was Merle, and while I appreciate the fact that I say this every year – holy crap what a show! Seriously, Robert Plant, Sam Bush, Lyle Lovett, Joan Osborne, Doc Watson, The Waybacks, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Tim O’Brien, and more, more, more! And we didn’t even go to the festival on Day 1! I will admit to having a religious experience on at least four different occasions throughout the weekend. I’ll give you those highlights, but for the full experience you’ll have to go with me next year! #1 – Hartford Tribute Band […]