What makes an e-book sell? Part 1

I talk a lot with other writers, both online and in real life (because that’s where the beer is!) about what makes an e-book sell. After all these discussions and head-scratching, I’ve come up with one simple, unquestionable answer. We have no frickin’ idea. I don’t have any idea what makes a book take off, while better books languish. I have no idea if it’s a cover thing, a blurb thing, or a marketing thing. But I do know a few things that will contribute to good sales, and in this series of posts I’m going to share what I […]

Upcoming Events

I’ll post more from HeroesCon/ConCarolinas later, once I’ve had a little more sleep and time to process. Needless to say it was a great weekend, and I even sold enough books to make back my table fee! The coolest thing that happened all weekend is at the end of this post, so you’ll have to read the whole thing to get there. We’re not going to discuss the pile of money I spent on comics, we’re going to call it a win and be done with it. No really, that’s what we’re doing. Regardless, I’ve got some great stuff coming […]