Birthday recap

I did a show. I drank a few beers after Saturday night’s show. I worked on planning my 20th High School reunion. I did not end up at any bars of ill repute. I did not have a dog eat my shoe. I did not almost start a gang fight in downtown Charlotte. I did not lose my cookies in the back of a kidnap-van. And I did not do the walk of shame in flip-flops Sunday morning. But I might do all of those things this Saturday night, because I plan on blowing it out once this show closes! […]

Wanna get me a birthday present?

Yep, Sunday is my birthday. 38 years on the planet down, hopefully at least that many to come. This last year has certainly been one of change, as I’ve gone from writing on a purely recreational level to focusing much more seriously on this secondary career. I find it interesting sometimes that after having been in a career for sixteen years now, and working in the theatre in some form for more than twenty, that now I’m finally getting back to doing what I’ve always wanted to do with my life – writing. Knight Moves is doing well, outselling Back […]

Opportunity is knocking – Guest Post by Cameron Dockery

Cameron Dockery is a fine example of the neat connections we can make with people through writing. He and I have never met face to face, but I’m happy to call him a friend. Here’s a little about how we met.   On Christmas day this past year I was surfing Amazon on my Kindle app when I came across John’s Short Story, The Christmas Lights. I read it, liked it and shared it with the family before breakfast. That was seven months ago and little did I realize how reading that story would pull me into the rising tsunami […]

Sample Sunday – Knight Moves

With the release of Knight Moves this week, I thought I’d drop a little sample in here for you guys. As always, the book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Once I get print copies formatted, they will be available online, at cons and here.   Chapter 1 I woke up with a beautiful woman staring down at me, her brown curls cascading over my face. I smiled into the dark eyes of Detective Sabrina Law. “This is a nice way to start an evening. I love the way your hair smells.” She straddled my waist fully dressed, […]

Lots of Updates

Okay, there’s a lot going on, so I’m going to try not to ramble. I know, but I’m going to try. First, The Irish Curse opens Thursday night, so I hope you’ll come check it out if you’re in the Charlotte area. It’s really a pretty good show, and by the time we open I should know all my lines! Then Saturday, again for you Charlotte-area peeps, I’ll be teaching a workshop for the Charlotte Writers’ Club on Self-Publishing and Self-Promotion. If you’re interested in getting your work out there or getting more eyes on the work that you’ve already […]