What is Genesis, anyway?

Aside from being a killer book cover, it might help to know a little about the book, huh? Genesis is the first volume of the Return to Eden trilogy. Unlike The Black Knight Chronicles, which is an open-ended series of stand-alone stories featuring the same characters in a string of related, but largely unconnected adventures, Return to Eden will be a traditional trilogy. It’s a three-book story, then we’re done. The story centers on 17-year-old Christin Kinsey, her brother Matt, and the group of survivors they assemble in their journey. In the aftermath of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack, everything […]

Stealing a good idea…

Baen Books is one of the pioneers in ebook sales, particularly in genre fiction. While I think they do a lot of things right, there are a couple of things I think they miss the boat on (notably, not having their ebooks available for purchase from Amazon, you know, the largest seller of books in any format in the world??). But since I don’t run the company or have any financial stake in anything they do, it’s not really any of my business. But one thing Baen does that I’ve never seen anywhere else is offer e-ARCs for purchase. What’s […]

Delayed – slightly

But just a little. Genesis:Return To Eden Book I will release officially on 11/11/11, not 11/1/11 as previously announced. This gives me a little more time to push the promo, tweak the cover, and generally make the book a little better. Still hoping to get another Bubba story out this month. But it’s not looking good for our hero. Need a few hours to focus. Anybody got a spare Time-Turner lying around?  

Chicken Dinner?

This past weekend the wife and I ventured out in public more often than is natural for us, with great results. You see, we’re kinda boring nowadays. We like to be at home, and aren’t much for going out in crowds. That’s more me than Suzy, because while I love meeting new people and don’t ever mind getting up in front of people, I kinda don’t like crowds. I get a little freaked out when I don’t have a clear path to an exit, and I really don’t like hanging out too much with my back to an open door. […]

A little validation from Yog himself

Last night I was pleased to see a comment show up on my post from August about Yog’s Law. In it, I theorized that Yog’s Law does still apply to self-published authors, but maybe not in the same way that some people who are anti-self-publishing use it. I’m just going to drop the whole comment in here, because that, and the blog post, sum up my feelings on the matter pretty perfectly. Yes, Yog’s Law still applies to self-publishing, because self-publishing is a category of commercial publishing. Sure, in self-publishing the publisher only has one author, but if the publisher […]

It’s coming…

I’ve come up with a title and the talented Rob Hinckley and I are finishing up a cover, so hopefully Genesis:Return to Eden Volume 1 will be ready to go on November 1. Here’s a little sneak peek at the cover that I posted to the Twitter this morning – Yes I said “the Twitter.” I can do that. No, that’s nowhere near the whole cover, it’s just a corner of the image, enough to give you a sense of the setting. Yes, I’ll be posting some sample chapters and other fun stuff here in the near future. Yes, this […]

Thoughts on the new Kindles and what they mean

Let’s start at the very beginning. That’s a very good place to start, don’t you think, Julie? Never mind. Amazon unveiled four new Kindle devices last week, for all types of users and at multiple price points. Let’s look briefly at the devices and what they seem to mean in the e-reader world. The Basic Kindle – $79 (with special offers, $109 without) – This is as close as what I own as the new models get. I have the Kindle with Special Offers that I paid $114 for a few months ago. I love this device. It’s small, fits […]

Guest Post – Glenn Gamble

Your Perception of Poker and Life Should Be the Same Barry Greenstein said that the way you handle everyday life situations is a determinant of how effective of a poker player you are.  For instance, what do you do when someone cuts you off?  Some of you may fly into an angry rage and yell obscenities to the top of your lungs.  For many of these people, the anger will lead to them driving more aggressively.  Some might speed up to catch the driver and cut him off, and some will find themselves in a nasty car accident due to […]

Guest Post – Erik Lynd

Another guest post by another talented indie writer. Please welcome Erik Lynd! Thanks for having me over at your blog John. Let me start with a quick description of my novel, Asylum. “I am going to tell you the story of how and why I killed my brother. You can think what you want about me afterward, but I want to tell you the whole thing. Even the things I didn’t tell the police, the things I didn’t tell my own family. I am going to tell you what really happened, the truth. But then maybe it is a fiction […]