Warning – Politics inside

If you came here to read about fantasy literature and want to keep the political views of your authors separate from that, you should skip this post. Also if repeated uses of profanity offend you, you should go visit someplace else for a little while. Because I’m pissed, and this is my website, so I get to say whatever the fuck I want while I’m here. I had this whole piece mostly written about my gay friends and the pain they’ve been through just for being gay and how upsetting it is to me that gay rights is still something […]

Home again

And home for a while, this time. I got back from Vegas a few dollars lighter, but with some great times and great memories, as always. A bunch of my friends ran the marathon, and I went down to cheer them on. I drank a little, but less than on most trips. I lost some cash, but less than on a lot of trips. I spent a lot of time with Suzy just chilling out, and that was cool, especially since we coupled this trip with our 16th wedding anniversary. So for an anniversary gift I got her a pedicure […]