I promise I’m not dead, just retired

Well, for a week or two the jury was kinda out. But here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on since I’ve been out gallivanting around and doing a piss-poor job of telling anyone where I am or if I’m alive. I went to the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Chattanooga for the 19th consecutive year. It was pretty apropos that I essentially ended my career with Barbizon at this conference, since it was at this conference in Norfolk, Virginia in 1995 where I first heard of Barbizon and met anyone from there. A year later in Louisville, KY I […]

Guest Post – KJ Hannah Greenberg – State of the Short Story Market

KJ Hannah Greenberg has a new book out called Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things. Check it out and check out her views on the short story market today. I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from the last couple of weeks and stories from my fevered hallucinations while high on cough syrup. Given the advent of convergent media and their impact on the world of publishing, these days, editors and writers agree that the contemporary short story market is much like the seemingly amorphic colossus described in “The Blind Men and the Elephant.” More explicitly, whereas groups or individual gatekeepers and […]

Randumb House hates libraries, and other stupid publisher news

I try not to be one of those indie authors that’s constantly bitching about the Big Six, especially since I don’t have a deal with them and have no inside knowledge, but some days it’s hard. Today is one of those days, so you get a full-on publishing rant. First, this story from Digital Shift is a must-read. Randumb House has decided, in their finite wisdom, that since libraries are one of the largest groups of book buyers in the US, that they should pay TRIPLE the cover price for their ebooks. The statements from Randumb basically sum up as […]

World Book Day Giveaway winners!

Rafflecopter makes running blog giveaways ridiculously easy by integrating a random number generator into the plugin, allowing me to pick the winners super quickly and easily. So that’s what I’ve done – I’ve picked the winners, easily. First Prize – Alex Aguilar Second Prize – Sam Kamens Third Prize – Sandee Barry Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! Don’t forget to enter the March is for Monsters giveaway where you can win a Kindle Fire! I’ll have a StellarCon report coming before too long, then I’m off to Chattanooga for SETC for the rest of the […]

Happy World Book Day!

I’m not an official book-giver-away-er-er (I just made that up), but I do have books, and I’ll give some of them away today. I just made this up when I saw that it was World Book Day, so there’s no notice. Sorry, I’m a bit of a flake. It happens. Here’s the Rafflecopter Giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.