New Bubba Story – Hall & Goats

This time, Bubba hunts La Chupacabra! Here’s a little preview of the new Bubba story, on sale this weekend! It was the middle of the night, and I was crouched in a damp, smelly field waiting for something the happen. This wrapped a lot of my least favorite things all up in a nice little ball of suck for me to gnaw on. I hate waiting. I’m a man of action, as they say. I like to do stuff, not wait around to do stuff. Now I’ll admit that some of the stuff I do sucks, like chasing down zombies, […]


No, not like that, you pervs. I just wanted to knock out a quick update on my whereabouts and doings before I head home from Nashville. This makes a good halfway point between Batesville, Arkansas and Charlotte. I was in Arkansas for the first time ever for the 2012 Pulp Ark convention, where I got to make some new friends, hang with old friends and learn more than I ever wanted to know about Lamont Craston and the rest of the pulp heroes of old. If you missed me on the Pulped! podcast, you should go listen to that – […]

Vampires and Witches and Goth kids, OH MY! – Guest Post by Tamsin Silver

Tamsin Silver is an old friend of mine, and I’m happy to lend her this space (and it means I don’t have to come up with a blog post!) I love being a Fantasy writer. What a fun genre to write in. I’ve attempted to write Crime…and I can do a downright awesome beginning, but blimey, I cannot get past that. Hats off to J.D. Robb and those other folks that write Crime, like Richard Castle. What? He’s not real? Oops, my bad. 😉 (Nathan Fillion, you’re real to me🙂 I’ve been writing stories since I was…ten or eleven (we […]

Progress, I makes it.

It’s taken all week, but I finally think I’m getting the hang of this new life. Last week was all about figuring out just how much other shit can eat into my day when I don’t have a day job. This week has been about actually getting shit done. So far this week I’ve – Finished and submitted a short story to a steampunk anthology Finished the novella about the teenage assassin, Cindy Slaughter (now a nickname based on your preferences) Gotten to within spitting distance of finishing the rough draft of Black Knight IV: Paint it Black. I’m well […]

March is for Monsters Giveaway winners and Con Updates!

Check out the widget for the winners! Entering enough times to flood the system certainly worked for JK, who picked up one of EVERY PRIZE! Thanks to everyone who entered, I appreciate your help in spreading the word about my work. I’ll be doing another giveaway in the next few months, so stay tuned for that! All the books will go out by mid-next week, because I leave for Vegas at the end of the week, and want to get all that off my plate before I fly. I’m still adjusting to life without a day job. I still sit […]