Black Knight Chronicles Updates

Some folks have wondered where things are in the process of re-working The Black Knight Chronicles for re-release now that I’m working with a traditional publisher. And even more folks have wondered when they’ll be seeing Book IV – Paint it Black. The short answer is – I don’t have a firm answer. The long answer is that the rewrites took me longer than I expected, and were more in-depth than I expected. These editors really pushed me, making me look long and hard at the boys and Sabrina and their motivations for doing things. “Because it seemed like fun” […]

We are all Aurora

I’ll give you my LibertyCon 25 wrap-up later in the week. It was way better than I expected, I had a great time and met some great folks. But I want to talk briefly about what happened last week in Aurora. I’m not going to talk about guns, or gun control. For the first time in recorded history, I agree with a statement from the NRA, that this is not the time to make statements for political gain or to advance an agenda. This is a time to mourn, a time to reflect, a time to honor the heroes, a […]

This week & LibertyCon Schedule – Come see me in Chattanooga!

This week is a busy one, culminating in my first trip to LibertyCon in Chattanooga. I’m excited about meeting some folks like Brandon Sanderson, creator of the Mistborn series and host of the Writing Excuses podcast, which is one of my favorites. He also does some series about wheels, I think. 🙂 Tonight I’m heading down to Rock Hill to hang out with my friends Faith, Kalayna and D.B. Jackson at their signing event at the BookKnack. Kalayna and D.B. both have new books out, and Faith is previewing some stuff from the next Jane Yellowrock book, even though it […]

Fandom Fest Show report

This will be a weak-ass show report, largely because I was mostly focused on living the show and not a whole lot on taking a ton of pictures and recording stuff. I don’t do very well at striking a balance, I either veer to one side or the other. So I either have an awesome post-show report and didn’t really get much done at the con besides take pictures, or I have a great time, get a lot accomplished and don’t have shit for photos. This con I got a LOT done. There will be two new episodes of Literate […]

This post will cost you a little cash

But it will be money well spent, I promise. I have two friends with book releases this week, and I’d like all y’all to go out today (or this week) and buy their books. I’m going to go a little deeper than some of you will like about the publishing business, but that’ll come later in the post. For the first little bit, I’m just going to talk about the books and why you should get your happy ass down to YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE and buy them this week. Yeah, I make a lot of money off Amazon, but if […]