Next week might be thirty days long…

But it looks to be productive as a mofo. You might have heard that there’s a little political convention rolling into Charlotte over Labor Day weekend. Well, the DNC (and RNC for that matter) brings with it a flaming shit-ton of media, parties, and other types of gig work for your friendly neighborhood theatre types. And since I’m not yet so wealthy that I can just randomly turn down lucrative work, I’ll be spending Monday – Wednesday working 8-12 hour days helping set up the Google tent and whatever else they’ve got going on. Yeah, so the three days before […]

Availability Update

Hey folks, just a quick heads-up on availability of the Black Knight Chronicles books. Part of my book deal was licensing the rights to the existing Black Knight books to Bell Bridge. That’s why we’ve spent all summer polishing them, revising them, working on new covers, etc. That does mean that at the end of this month, the books will be going away from all sites for a little while. They’ll be off Amazon for a day or so while I get the new files uploaded. They’ll be off Barnes & Noble and Smashwords starting when I leave for Dragon […]

Head down…

Still pushing for the finish line on Black Knight revisions. Also up to my ass reading submissions for The Big Bad, and learning a new respect for editors the world over. So far my co-editor and I have picked five or six stories out of fifty or so to go into the anthology, but there’s still a LOT of reading to do. I’m bouncing between reading stuff for my critique group, reading submissions, and revising Knight Moves right now, so no progress has been made on any new work. I plan to be done with critique group stuff and Knight Moves this week, […]


They be my eyes. I’m dragging a little, it’s been a hell of a few days. They were great, but busy, and I’m a bit wore out, as we say in the country. Saturday I taught a workshop for Carolina Learning Connection on self-publishing. The small but enthusiastic class was awesome, and we easily used up the four hours allotted. I have another class coming up in two weeks on Self-Promotion and Social Media. If you’re interested in learning how better to promote yourself and your writing online, come on out and see me! Here’s registration info. Saturday afternoon we […]