Black Knight Omnibus is out! And new writer services!

Yep, the omnibus is finally here! And for just nine bucks, you can download the first three Black Knight Chronicles books. These are heavily revised editions, re-worked with a lot of extra details, better character development, all that good stuff. Think of it as “the author’s preferred edition.” No, you don’t have to buy them all over again. It’s not that I don’t want all my readers to read these new versions, but it would be pretty rude of me to make you pay twice for a book you’ve already bought, wouldn’t it? So here’s the plan – within a […]

Free Sample – Dagger’s Breath

Here’s a piece of something new I’m working on. It will probably be a novelette or novella, somewhere in the 20-30,000 word ballpark. Hope you enjoy it.    Dagger’s Breath Remarin’s feet slid on the slick cobblestones as he rounded the corner, threatening to send him sprawling into the street and under the wheels of a cartload of whiskey barrels. Scrambling madly and bowling over a rotund matron loaded down with laundry, the young thief regained his footing and dashed off down a dark alley. He ducked into a darkened doorway as four mailed, spear-toting guards barreled down the street. […]

A brief post on Magic:the Addiction

Before we get to the meat of the post – I’ll be at Market City Comics in High Point this Saturday, 9/15 from noon til around 3PM signing books, talking comics, playing cards, whatever folks want to do. If you’re in the area, come on by!   If you’ve never played Magic:the Gathering, this post will be ungodly boring for you. If you have played, you know my pain. And if you currently play, look me up at NY Comic Con, I’ll have a deck in my bag. If you beat me in a 2 out of 3 match, I’ll […]

Blog Tour – Excerpt – Shadow Precinct by Christian Porter

Everett Santeaux is a zealot, a child fiercely trained in all manners of combat and arms recollection. As an adult, he has pushed his physical and mental abilities far past boundaries of the average human. When a powerful mob boss is found brutally murdered, a series of events begin to unravel that place Everett squarely in the crosshairs of zealots, cops, and criminals alike. As the mysteries of his covert past collide with his present, he’ll have to use everything that he’s learned to help clear his name, protect his family, and unravel unavowed secrets in order to uncover the […]

Dragon Con 2012 – Oh No, not another learning experience!

I’m joking, of course. I enjoyed the vast majority of Dragon*Con, as I do almost every con I attend. This one, however, had some . . . challenges that had little to do with Dragon*Con itself, and more to do with circumstances and expectations. So I had a good time overall, learned a lot about how to do a major con as a working author, made some great connections, and came home exhausted. Let’s start with the good – it was awesome seeing friends old and new. As David Coe said in our booth on Monday, “These are the best […]

Dragon Con – Almost over

I promise there will be a Dragon*Con report here in the next couple of days. As usual there will be fewer pictures that I’d like, but I was pretty busy. It was an awesome time hanging with some awesome folks and I learned a lot about things I should and shouldn’t do to work a super-con like this in the future, and hopefully some of that will translate into big results at NY Comic Con next month. So if I met you at DC – thanks for stopping by and there will be new content coming soon, I promise. But […]