Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing – November Edition

Hey y’all – I don’t know about you, but I’m just now getting back into my groove after Dragon*Con and NY Comic Con. That’s certainly one reason I don’t think I can do both of those cons in a year again – they’re just a little too close together for massive cons like that. I know there’s six weeks between them, but I need more. Anyway, nobody cares about all that. Here’s where you can find me at upcoming events for the next couple weeks. When I’m not at these places, I plan to be nose-first in my keyboard because […]

It’s hot at night

Not really, but since I’m performing In the Heat of the Night at Theatre Charlotte starting Friday (get your tickets now!), and I’m nuts-deep in tech and dress rehearsals this week, I figured I’d at least try to knock out a blog post for y’all. This show is a bag of awesome, and I’m having a hell of a good time working on it. It’s tough, and there’s one costume change in particular that I barely make each night, leaving me panting a little when I come back onstage, but the acting overall is very, very good, and I’ve enjoyed getting […]

Bubba and the Future of Bubba

So the new Bubba the Monster Hunter story is out. You can check it out here. It’s the culmination of the storyline between Bubba and his psycho father, but at the end of the story I’m a bit of a dick. I know, big surprise. Remember, the only thing writers enjoy more than torturing characters is torturing readers. And I get to do both in one shot. I leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger, but you won’t have to wait too long for a resolutions. I plan to pick back up with Bubba stories in January. So just a […]

NY Comic Con, Part 2 – the whining

So here’s where I actually bitch and moan about NYCC, the Javits Center, New York City, and major metro areas that have no idea how to host a real convention. In my other life I went to a lot of conventions. Some of them, like the NC Theatre Conference, were very small, maybe a couple hundred people some years. Those have certain challenges to organizers, but once you find a venue, the attendees pretty much have no idea that there are any issues. Some were large, like Lighting Dimensions International (I wave hello to my lighting industry friends who are […]

NY Comic Con report, Part 1

Because when there’s over 100,000 frigging people at a convention, it gets more than one post! And yes, there will be photos. And yes, most of them will be of hot chicks in skimpy outfits. Let’s start with a quick overview. If you’ve been to many fandom-based conventions, like MidSouth Con, ConCarolinas, even Dragon*Con, you ain’t seen nothing like Comic Con. It’s way more of a trade show than a con. What I mean by that is that people mostly buy their Comic Con tickets for the exhibit hall and the autographs, and the panels are kind of an afterthought. […]


I has it. I’ve been called on it more than once in my internet life, but it’s too late to stop now, methinks. So if you’re not interested in learning way too much about the mental state of your favorite redneck urban fantasy author, you should click over to something else. Still here? Sick voyeurs, aren’t you? Well, here’s the reason my word count has sucked for the last six weeks – I’ve been depressed. Simple as that. Nope, no good reason, no inciting incident, nothing has gone off the rails terribly, in fact a lot of things have gone […]

Crawling out…

I’m here. I know, I start a lot of posts that way, don’t I? I haven’t been on here in a while because I’ve been swamped in my new obsession, Magic:The Gathering. And I’ve been using that to distract me from some other issues, namely dismal book sales numbers for the past six weeks. Things have been bad since the middle of August and I’m hoping they pick up, otherwise I’m looking for a McJob to fill the gap come the first of the year. That wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing in the world, but it wouldn’t be a […]