How to keep up with me . . .

Every once in a while I just like to remind y’all that you can find me all over the interwebs. So if you visit here, feel free to “like” me on Facebook You can follow me on Twitter. You can even subscribe to my email list, which I’m using more since there’s a free Bubba story every week nowadays! Nah, I’m not giving you my phone number, that’s a little creepy. But you check out all that stuff above, and you’ll see I’m really easy to find.

A couple of those weeks . . .

I’ve been pretty buried this week, and I’ll be almost totally radio silence next week, so don’t lose hope, I’m still alive, just working my ass off trying to pay the bills. But first – big news for Black Knight Chronicles fans – Book 4 has been delivered! To my publisher, that is. But the fact is that the long wait is almost over, we’re getting ready to start edits on it, and I really hope to have it delivered to folks this summer. In my dream world, I’d have print copies for ConCarolinas in June, but I haven’t even […]


With apologies to Scalzi. But not really. He doesn’t own the term, no matter what the Google machine might think :). I hate titling blog posts. Frankly, I hate titling anything, which is why I rip off song titles for almost all my books and story titles. First off, the Help Peter David contest will keep going until next Monday! You have more chances to win a t-shirt, but the real reason the contest is going to keep keeping on is because the awesome Davey Beauchamp is donating some signed Peter David comics! So I have more prizes for more […]

Help a brother out. And win a free t-shirt!

There is a contest attached to this post, I promise. But you have to read all the way to the end of the post to enter. Deal with it, this shit’s important. I’ve met Peter David once. For about ten seconds. I’m sure he doesn’t remember. Hell, I barely remembered until I sat down to write this. It was one of those con meetings, before I had any success or could get conventions to give me badges and spots on panels. I had watched him on a panel talking about his new self-published venture, and at the end of it […]

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

Bullshit. There, I think that’s enough of a post for one day, right? No? Okay, fine, I’ll expand a little. We’ve heard those words uttered for years about various teachers who have failed at various things, and I’m certainly guilty of throwing the phrase around more than once about a professor or two that I’ve had in my day. But now that I’m teaching with something resembling regularity at Carolina Learning Connection (next class Saturday, a few spots still available!), I realize what utter bullshit that is. I am never focusing more on my writing than when I’m trying to […]