New Bubba teaser

Here’s a little taste from the next Bubba the Monster Hunter story. Currently untitled. “Skeeter,” I said in my best “be calm so you don’t cuss out your best friend in front of the entire kitchen staff of the hotel” voice. “Do we know anything new about the L-E-P-R-E-. . . The thing we’re after?” My attempt to spell out leprechaun ended in miserable failure when I realized I couldn’t spell “leprechaun.” “There was another attack last night. And underground poker game just outside of town. I’ll send the address to your phone.” “Okay, I’ll head out there as soon […]

HeroesCon 2013

Come see me this weekend at HeroesCon 2013! I’ll be in booth AA-2017, near the concession stands and the restrooms. Yep, I get the best tables in restaurants, too. Nah, that’s just what I get for registering late. But near the loo is actually a pretty good place to be at an exhibit hall. And I’ve got some new product to share with folks, including The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil, just released from Dark Oak Press. This horror anthology features 30 stories where the only restriction on the subject matter was – the protagonist must be a “bad […]