Literate Liquors Episode 12 – Tonia Brown

Somewhere in the digital archives of my life there’s a video Literate Liquors with Tonia Brown from last ConCarolinas. That translates into “John shot it but doesn’t know where the file is and hats editing video anyway.” But she kindly agreed to come on the show again, so we set up in my mobile studio and hung out for a little while, talking about farts, butthole bronzing, being funny horror writers, and all sorts of other shit. So without further ado, here’s Tonia!   She’s got a new book out, called Hauling Ash, and here’s a link for that – […]

It’s coming back!

I promised y’all another edition of The Big Bad, and while it took all of 2014 and a little piece of 2015 to deliver, it’s coming now! The Big Bad II will release on February 24th from Dark Oak Press and Media, and here’s the awesome cover!   Volume 2 includes more stories of evil and monsters like: Mercy’s Armistice – J. T. Glover A Family Affair – Selah Janel Old Nonna – Gail Z. Martin Letters to Logroth – Jason Corner Skippin’ Stones – S. H. Roddey The Sea Witch – Kasidy Manisco A Day in the Life – […]

Literate Liquors Episode 11 is Live!

Y’all can check it out here or somewheres else, whatever you wanna do.     Damn, but I am a good-looking fella, ain’t I? In other news, the Weird Wild West Kickstarter that I’ve been flogging near to death for a couple weeks has ended, and it funded enough to make a couple of the stretch goals and guarantee that the book would be published, so that’s really cool. I’m pretty excited about being in this anthology with some awesome folks, and who knows, I might even make a little money off it. Raising Hell debuted this week, and I […]

Literate Liquors Episode 10 is live!

My dear friend Misty Massey returns to Literate Liquors and we talk about the Weird Wild West anthology Kickstarter she’s putting together, publishing, Kickstarter backlash, the Charlie Hedbob attacks and anything else that crosses our silly little minds. Give us a listen! Here’s the Kickstarter we were talking about – Here’s the video from the last time Misty was on Literate Liquors, a couple of years ago!  

Literate Liquors Links Episode 9

Literate Liquors Episode 9 is live! Y’all can download it from wherever you get podcasts, or you can listen over at Magical Words starting Friday, or you can listen right here! Here are the links I promised on the podcast, like the link to my Patreon Page. Darin Kennedy’s new release The Mussorgsky Riddle – Releases on 1/12 Jim Bernheimer’s Secrets of a D-List Supervillian And the Weird Wild West Kickstarter!

A New Day

At least one. There’s been no secret to anyone that reads here that 2014 sucked. I lost my mom, quit one job, lost another, lost more friends to cancer than I care to think about, and write almost nothing until November. But as the year wound down I got involved with a bunch of exciting new projects, a new day job that I enjoy, and managed to pull myself out of the depression that dragged me down for much of 2014. I’m not much for resolutions, because I break those way too quickly, but I do have some goals for […]