Here’s a quickie for you about what’s going on and what’s coming up soon. First, a new Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella just dropped yesterday. Moon over Bourbon Street is the beginning of Season 3, and the beginning of an arc of novellas featuring everyone’s favorite monster hunter. Check it out at Amazon or wherever you buy ebooks!  Then we’ve got the print edition of Grits, Guns & Glory, Bubba Season 2. It is FINALLY on the way, thanks to the layout talents of one Matthew J. Saunders, who helped me with the interiors and did a far nicer job than I […]

Newsletter Sign-ups – the push and the why

I’m making a big push right now to be more consistent with my newsletter, add value for subscribers, and increase the readership. To that end, on Halloween (October 31 – next Saturday) I’ll be giving away a free ebook of Grits, Guns & Glory, Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2, to one lucky mailing list subscriber. All you have to do to enter is go here, fill out the form, and then you’re on the list! Now I’m not the first author to make a mailing list push in recent months, and I won’t be the last. The reason is, […]

How to trade/sell/buy Magic the Gathering Cards without getting ripped off or being a buttface

So a lot of folks who stop by here know that I play Magic: the Gathering. A lot. Like several times a week I’m at a local game shop playing cards, and pretty much every day I’m reading articles about the game, tweaking my deck lists, checking the value of cards, swapping out good stuff for bad stuff in my trade binder, etc. You could say I’m into the game. Just like I was into poker before this. Yes, I understand that part of my nature and continue to posit that it’s better than drugs. But really, it’s just like […]

Brief Preview – Moon over Bourbon Street

New Bubba is coming soon, here’s a little tiny taste that I thought was funny.  “What happened?” Skeeter asked, his voice going all high and panicky. This time I didn’t blame him. I was starting to think pretty strongly about cutting and running myself. “Eddie just showed up.” “Eddie the voodoo priest from last night?” “In his butt-nekkid glory with a dozen other necked folk walking behind him chanting and glowing.” “Did you say they were glowing, Bubba?” “Yes, and before you ask, I only had three Hurricanes, they were half-strength and it was a couple hours ago, so yes […]