Convention Report & Analysis – Fayetteville Comic Con

Hey y’all! I’m gonna try something new in an effort to tweak my social media and interwebs presence. I’m going to go back to blogging more and Twittering less, and maybe impart some actual information on folks instead of just screaming into the void. To that end, whenever I attend a convention, I’ll put up one of these blog posts with a convention report and analysis or whether or not it was a worthwhile trip financially, and if there are other reasons that will or will not draw me back to a con. The first victim of this new idea […]

Release Week – Quincy Harker Book #6 – Heaven’s Door

Shit gets real in the Harkerverse with this one, kiddos. Heaven’s Door is the real kickoff to The Cambion Cycle, which comprises Year Two of the Quincy Harker novellas. Heaven Sent was a nice preview of things to come, but Heaven’s Door is where the rubber really meets the road, so to speak. If you thought things in Quincy Harker’s life were complicated before, just wait until the end of this one. Sharon from I Smell Sheep was kind enough to give the book an excellent 4.5 Sheep Advance Review, which you can read here. My favorite excerpt – There are lots of bloody […]

It Doesn’t Hurt to Bleed, a #HoldOnToTheLight Post

This is something I’ve never talked about. Not on this blog, not to my wife, not to a therapist, nothing. So if you don’t want to deal with shit getting real, this is the time where you should probably go be somewhere else. Go buy Midsummer, the new Bubba the Monster Hunter novella. It’s funny as fuck, and my favorite piece in the series by a mile. You’re still here? Alright, you were warned. But here’s another caveat – I’m not going to discuss this post. Not at a con, not over drinks, not on the phone. I might respond […]

Truth by Moonlight – a #HoldOnToTheLight post by Karen E. Taylor

Karen E. Taylor is a talented writer and a friend. When she wanted to participate in the #HoldOnToTheLight campaign but didn’t have a platform, I volunteered this space. This is her story.  I wrote a story called Mexican Moon once. A lot of people really liked it, and it even received a nomination for a Bram Stoker award. I had no idea why. The story of the relationship between a sentient robot and the scientist who made her, it seemed to me to be nothing more than a toss away. And although it took me forever to finish it, I didn’t […]