Amazing Grace – Chapter 3

The reception to this reading at Mysticon last weekend was great, so I guess I’ll keep on scribbling on it. Y’all know we love comments, right? And remember, this is strictly first-draft stuff, so there will probably be spelling errors and plenty of proof that I don’t really know where the commas go.  Chapter 3 I wasn’t too surprised to see Sheriff Johnny sitting in my living room when I walked in with Jenny in tow. The girl stopped, though, and when I sat down in my favorite chair, I noticed that she was still standing in the open french door […]

New Release – Calling All Angels

Did I mention that there’s a new Quincy Harker book coming out Friday? Because there is, but it’s not a normal Harker book. In fact, everybody’s favorite demon hunter only makes one appearance in this book, and that’s by voicemail. You see, Harker Year 3 is a huge crossover with my new series, The Shadow Council Case Files, and those two series tie together to make an 8-novella cycle called Quest for Glory. There will be four Shadow Council books, and four Harker books, and they all work together to tell the story of the team’s hunt for the archangels […]

Did I mention there are stickers?

So I made some stickers. There are Bubba stickers, Harker stickers, Falstaff stickers, and Black Knight stickers. I even took a picture of the stickers, but WordPress is being a dick this morning and I can upload the photo, but it’s rotated 90 degrees. When I rotate the image, it rotates it 180 degrees. So here are some sideways stickers.   If you want some sideways stickers, there are two ways to get them. See me at a signing or a convention, and buy a book. I’ll put a Falstaff sticker and one of whatever sticker corresponds to the sticker […]

Amazing Grace – Chapter 2

It’s Monday, so here’s another Chapter of Amazing Grace. That’s at least what I’m tentatively calling it. Hope y’all enjoy it.  Chapter 2 It took a week and a half, but I soon found out just how right Sheriff Dunleavy was. I was bringing in tomatoes when I first saw the poor dear, sitting on the steps to my back porch with her head in her hands. Not literally, of course. Even the dead have some sense of propriety. I walked past her at first, giving her a glance to make sure she was really dead and not just some […]

New Podcast – The Writer’s Journey – Episode 1 featuring Drew Hayes

Hey y’all, watch this! Actually, listen to this. I’ve started a new podcast, which is a translation of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast, but for writers. It’s called The Writer’s Journey, and on the first episode, I talk to Drew Hayes, GM of the Authors & Dragons podcast and author of a ton of stuff, including the new book, Forging Hephaestus, which releases on 2/24, the same day as my new book, Calling All Angels, hits. Excuse the squeaking in the background. I have an old desk chair and a fat ass. It happens. Soon it’ll be up on […]

Amazing Grace – Chapter 1

That’s my new working title for this. I dunno if I’m going to keep it or not. This is something I’m messing around with and thinking of serializing here. If you like it, go buy one of my other books, or join my Patreon.  Chapter 1 “So you’re a medium?” The large man asked me in the tone of voice usually reserved for the mentally ill or the tragically stupid. I wasn’t sure which one he thought I was, but I had a pretty good guess. “That means you talk to dead people?” “Sheriff Dunleavy,” I replied, working very hard to keep […]

Speaker – Prologue

I don’t like that working title, so it’ll change at some point. This is something I’m messing around with and thinking of serializing here. If you like it, go buy one of my other books, or join my Patreon.  Prologue When I was a little girl, my best friend was named Tina. I met her the summer after my fourth grade year, and we played together all summer long in the woods behind my house. I didn’t have many friends, so when I started telling my mother about Tina, she was thrilled. I’d finally found a girl my own age […]

How I Sell Books – Social Media

Now that I’m in publishing, I’m working with a lot of writers. A lot of these writers are publishing their first book, or their first stand-alone work, after having been in a number of anthologies over the years. One question I get a lot of times is “How do you sell books on social media?” Well, there are a lot of disparate opinions on that. Some people, who sell a lot of books, think that you can’t actually sell anything on social media. They feel that it’s all about building your brand, and engagement, and getting people to like you and […]