The Writer’s Journey – Episode 2 – R.S. Belcher

I had the good fortune to sit down at Mysticon with my buddy Rod Belcher, who writes as R.S. Belcher, and talk about his evolution as a writer, how he got his book deal, how he landed a agent, and what he loves about the writing life. He’s a great guy, a funny guy, and a helluva writer. Here’s the interview in its entirety, also available on iTunes and pretty much wherever you get podcasts from.

Amazing Grace – Chapter 4

4 It ain’t easy knocking on the door of a house that’s grieving, especially when you know it’s a child that’s passed. The Miller house looked like about any other house in one of them new planned neighborhoods, called Evergreen Acres, with all the streets named after trees. Of course, not a one of the trees they named a street after is an evergreen, so the Millers lived on Maple Lane. I shook my head at how dumb some developers can be as I pulled up on the street outside their house. There were a few cars in the driveway […]