Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

I’ll go with the “edit it” option. And then I’ll be witty and ironic and I’ll leave the base text in. Because we’re aliens, and that’s how we roll.

So I’m a blogging junkie, I admit it. I haven’t blogged in a long time, not since I relaunched johnhartness.com as a site for my fiction, essays and poetry. And I missed it. So I’m back to blogging. I don’t promise to blog all that frequently, especially since I do have that small novel project I’m working on elsewhere on this site, and then there’s poetry that I try to write, and at least for the rest of June I’m still churning out 1,000 words/day for PokerNews.

And I still have a day job.

So this week sucked. And not even in a good kinda I’ll swallow when I’m done way, either. Monday I posted to FaceBook “is it a bad thing that I’ve had this headache for two weeks?” And I got a wealth of responses, most of them referring to blood pressure in some way. So I get my BP checked, and it’s sky-high. So I go to the doctor, and now I take 50MG of Atenelol (or something like that) every day. Yay me.

Then, since the cosmos apparently decided that I wasn’t taking my health seriously enough, Tuesday morning I get the news that a colleague died suddenly Monday night of apparent heart attack. And he was in shape. He was in his mid-sixties I’d guess, and he exercised regularly, didn’t smoke, drank red wine, and generally did those things that you do to stay healthy. But it didn’t matter. Like my Death t-shirt says, “You get a lifetime.” He lived his well, and he’ll be sorely missed. So that freaked me out more than a little.

Then Wednesday – Friday we had recurring issues with a project at work, and Thursday night my sister-in-law’s mom died, so all in all, I picked a hell of a week to stop sniffing glue, as someone that I can’t remember once said.

But today was absolutely the highlight of my week, and maybe my June. I got more in touch with my inner geek (and that’s really not as nasty as it sounds) and went to the Heroes Comic Convention. I wandered around wondering who let all these girls in, talked to a bunch of self-published artists and writers, and bought a ridiculous number of $5 trade paperbacks. It’s probably been 10 years since I went to a Con, and I hadn’t even realized that I’d missed it, but I had. It was a lot of fun, I picked up some neat-looking new comics by some interesting people, and started to brew ideas about maybe finding an artist type and doing Choices as a graphic novel if I ever finish the thing.

And that’s been an interesting exercise for me, too. What started as a writing exercise: write 30 minutes of fiction or poetry every day (except weekends) has blown up into 36,000 words and counting. With people who are enjoying reading it. I remember reading interviews with authors who would talk about not knowing what their characters were doing and thinking “yeah, right. Pretentious tool.” But now I totally understand it because I figure I’m about halfway through this novel, and I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I know where I think they’re all going geographically, at least roughly, and I think I have an idea of what’s going to happen at the end, but I’m not sure how it’s going to come together. I’m figuring it out as I go along. Of course that’s been the pattern for my entire life, so nothing new there.

So lock in your RSS readers, I’m back to blogging. As if your signal-to-noise ratio wasn’t bad enough :).