Not much of one, but here it is – I’ve figured out how I want to try to go to market with my novel. I want to. I don’t really care how it gets out there, but my research has shown my that there are two basic paths to getting a book published.

1) Blow somebody
2) Be brilliant. Then blow somebody.

Since I’m neither brilliant nor a fellatist, I’m gonna try two (or maybe three) paths. The first is the more traditional method of publication – I’ll shop for an agent and then if I can find anyone crazy enough to sign on as an agent they’ll shop for a publisher. Alternately, I may try to submit directly to some publishers, but that’s a pretty good way to get things on a slush pile, and I’d rather avoid that if possible. I plan to submit a cover letter each day for the rest of the summer to one agent or agency that has shown a tendency to take on fantasy and science fiction authors, and we’ll see how that goes.

Plan B is to self-publish. This is the more definite way to get the book out on the street, but it might take a lot more work to get it read and to actually get it into the hands of a significant number of people. Like I’ve always said, I didn’t write the thing to make a ton of money, but self-publishing carries with it a certain level of risk, and I’ll have to figure out what level of risk I’m willing to assume (i.e. how many copies I’m going to print). I’ll also have to deal with things like cover design, etc. The upside is that I can control the price and retain a larger percentage of the cover price, as well as handle electronic distribution. So if I don’t get any positive response from agents by Labor Day, I’ll start the self-publishing process. If I go that route, I foresee availability to order by year-end from this site, and a cover price of around $15 for paperback. I may offer a hardback special edition type thing if people want it, and I’d almost certainly include a personal message of undying gratitude to everyone who bought a copy of the first run.

But if you know any literary agents or publishers, this would be a great time for you to hook a brutha up.