Help Selling More Books – To Con or Not To Con? Part 1 – Industry Conventions

So y’all might have heard that I was in St. Louis last weekend, hitting up both Penned Con 2017 and Archon 41. My conversations with several people at both cons raised the question – Is it worth it? It’s a valid question, and one I ask myself often when I go to conventions. Last week I drove over 1500 miles round trip. I was away from home for six days. I spent five nights in a hotel, and ate out every meal for six days. That’s not an insignificant investment in time, effort, and money, and that’s before we go […]

Help Selling More Books – DragonCon Survival Tip Edition

Yeah, I know I post something like this almost every year about this time. These tips are still relevant, and become only moreso as the convention grows and the hotels do not. So here are Hartness’s tips for surviving Dragon Con. Carry a water bottle. You don’t have to carry a full one, there are water stations all over the place, and many of the hotel bars will fill your bottle for you if you’re nice and don’t jam it in their faces when they’re crazy busy. But it’s hot as Beelzebub’s ballsack in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend, and humid […]

Upcoming Releases and Appearances

Hey folks – I know there are a few people who aren’t on my mailing list that sometimes pop by here, so I wanted to give everybody an update on what’s going on and where I will be. BTW, why aren’t you on my mailing list? Sign up here and you’ll get a free book! So, new stuff. Here we go. On July 29, I released Heaven Sent, book #5 of the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. In Heaven Sent, we travel back to 2009 to see the first meeting between Harker and Glory, his guardian angel. She shows up […]

My Dragon Con 2015 Schedule

I’ve got a ton of news and THREE NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH but for now, here’s my DCon schedule. Let me know if I’ll see you there!   Title: Pulp Fiction Description: Pulp has enjoyed a renaissance in the last few years. Why? And why do authors choose to write in this genre? Time: Fri 01:00 pm  Location: Embassy A-B – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour) (Tentative Panelists: Van Allen Plexico, Bobby Nash, James Palmer, John G. Hartness) Book Signing – The Missing Volume – 2:30 Friday PM ——————- Title: Supernatural Variety in UF Description: Authors discuss the array of supernatural beings appearing in their work, and how their choices affect […]