The Writer’s Journey – Episode 2 – R.S. Belcher

I had the good fortune to sit down at Mysticon with my buddy Rod Belcher, who writes as R.S. Belcher, and talk about his evolution as a writer, how he got his book deal, how he landed a agent, and what he loves about the writing life. He’s a great guy, a funny guy, and a helluva writer. Here’s the interview in its entirety, also available on iTunes and pretty much wherever you get podcasts from.

New Podcast – The Writer’s Journey – Episode 1 featuring Drew Hayes

Hey y’all, watch this! Actually, listen to this. I’ve started a new podcast, which is a translation of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast, but for writers. It’s called The Writer’s Journey, and on the first episode, I talk to Drew Hayes, GM of the Authors & Dragons podcast and author of a ton of stuff, including the new book, Forging Hephaestus, which releases on 2/24, the same day as my new book, Calling All Angels, hits. Excuse the squeaking in the background. I have an old desk chair and a fat ass. It happens. Soon it’ll be up on […]