Amazing Grace Origin & Cemetery Walk

I’ve talked before about how Amazing Grace is loosely based on the small town where I grew up, and that the idea came to me while I was walking in the cemetery at the church I went to as a child. So I thought people might enjoy it if I took y’all on a walk through that same cemetery. And here it is – If you join my Patreon, you get these videos early and more exclusive content!

2017 Hugo and Nebula Awards Eligibility

It’s awards time, and the following books are eligible for recognition from the Hugo and/or Nebula Awards. If you are an eligible nominator, and would like to nominate one of these works, here’s the list of eligible publications by Falstaff Books from 2017 – Novels – Amazing Grace – John G. Hartness Fireheart – John G. Hartness   Novellas – Into the Mystic – John G. Hartness Frost & Filigree – John G. Hartness Cold as Ice – John G. Hartness Mason Dixon, Monster Hunter – Eric R. Asher Mason Dixon and the Wampus of Reeds Spring – Eric R. […]

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know, I kinda vanished for a couple weeks. It happens. I’ve been buried in the house working on Black Knight #7, which still needs a title. It also needs about twenty chapters, but we’re making progress. I’m about halfway finished with the first draft, and I’m having a good time with this book. It’s a smaller book in scope, after the relatively epic vibe of Book #6, and that’s where I like to be with the Black Knight books. Ive also started on my monthly short story for my Patreon and Gumroad subscribers. If you want to make […]

Updates, Patreon, Anxiety, etc.

Hey gang, sorry it’s been radio silent around here for a while, but ye olde brain chemistry had been pretty out of whack and I’ve been struggling to get anything accomplished. But today was a good day, and it’s looking like it might be a good week. Or at least a damned interesting one. I’m being vague, I know, but all will be revealed in the fullness of time, I promise. But let’s give you an update on Patreon, and what I’m looking at doing starting next month. A week or so ago, Patreon announced that they were changing their […]

End of Year Signed Inventory Reduction Sale!

I have a lot of books in my house. No, I have a shitload of books in my house. Because I do a lot of conventions, and I have a lot of titles. But sometimes, titles get new covers, or get collected into an omnibus, or whatever, and it just doesn’t make sense to keep a lot of these around anymore. And I need the shelf space. So here you go – The John/Falstaff End of Year I’ve Got Too Much Shit On My Shelves Sale! I have a limited number of each of these titles. When they’re gone, they’re […]

Help Selling More Books – To Con or Not to Con? Conclusion (get it? CON-clusion…never mind)

So I’ve now written something like 6,000 words on the different types of conventions, which ones I find to be the most profitable, and how to pick the conventions to attend. There’s one con that I haven’t really addressed, and it’s the biggest one that I do every year, and it deserves its own post. Yup, Dragon Con. Dragon Con is the largest convention in the Southeast every year, and one of the largest in the country. With over 75,000 attendees spread out among five host hotels plus the Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, it boasts […]

Angel in the Dust – Chapter 5

Another chapter in the serial. No, I have no real idea where this whole thing is going. You’re all just along for the ride with me.  Chapter 6 I reckon it was a few minutes before noon when I followed Graves out to the courtyard of the inn, or bar, or whatever you want to call it. It was hot enough to melt the leather right off your shoes, and the dry desert heat made the concrete shimmer. “What are we gonna do?” I asked. “We ain’t gonna do nothing. I am gonna talk to the Sheriff, and maybe kill […]

Help Selling More Books – To Con or Not to Con? Part 5 – Autograph Cons

This will be the last of my deep-dive posts on the different types of conventions, and next week I’ll do a wrap-up overview kind of post and maybe go over everything I’ve booked for 2018. Spoiler – we’ve over 20 and it’s not even December 2017! And at some point Dragon Con will get its own post because it’s almost every type of con all rolled into one. This last type of event is my least favorite, and the type that I will frequently avoid. These are the Autograph Cons, or as I unpleasantly (and perhaps unfairly) call them, Starfucker […]