Follow me on Facebook for that stuff. There’s a bunch, and I suck about keeping this list updated. But here’s a quick shot for what I’ve got booked for 2017 so far (as of March 1, anyway).

March 12 – Charlotte Comicon – Concord, NC

March 22 – Multi-Author Book Signing – Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC

March 25-26 – SC Comicon, Greenville, SC

March 28 – Pride Week Panel – We Are Not This – Winthrop University

April 1 – Shelby Library Sci-Fi Author Fest – Shelby, NC

April 8-9 – Loch Norman Highland Games – Huntersville, NC

April 21-23 – JordanCon – Atlanta, GA

April 28-30 – RavenCon – Williamsburg, VA

June 2-4 – ConCarolinas – Charlotte, NC

June 16-18 – Awesome Con – Washington, DC

June 30-July 2 – LibertyCon, Chattanooga, TN

July 14-16 – Congregate, High Point, NC

August 6 – Charlotte Comicon – Concord, NC

August 26-27 – Soda Coty Comic Con – Columbia, SC

August 31-September 4 – Dragon Con – Atlanta, GA

September 23 – Con2 – Cabararus County Library – Concord, NC

September 28-October 1 – Penned Con – St. Louis, MO

October 21 – Geek Gala – Charlotte, NC

November 17-19 – AtomaCon – Charleston, SC

December 17 – Charlotte ComiCon – Concord, NC

A note about approaching me at cons – I love it!

I love talking to folks, whether I’m at my dealer table during signing hours, after a panel, or whenever, really. The only times I ask to be off-limits is when I’m in the bathroom and when I’m eating with people. I schedule a lot of meetings to coincide with meals, mostly so I’ll remember to eat. But any other time? Come on up and introduce yourself. At huge shows like DragonCon, if I’m between panels and have a tight timeline (which is always), I might ask you to either walk with me and chat, or meet me in the bar later. And if I’m in the bar, I’m always happy to talk. If I’m going to have a meeting with someone, I’ll make it a point to be secluded. So if I’m out in the open, come on up and say hi!

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