Autographed Books!

So I know there are still a bunch of people out there who love print books. I know this, because I see a bunch of you at conventions and shit. And I know there are people who love autographed books, and might not be able to get to a convention to see me.

And I have a bunch of boxes full of books in my office. Some of them are no longer in print, or were listed release, and I need the shelf space.

And the holidays are coming up.

You see where I’m going with this shit?

Yup – You can get some autographed books, shipped direct from me to you, and personalized with whatever you want me to say, for whoever you want me to sign them for.

You want autographed books? I want to sell a bunch of print books. Here’s how we can make each other happy motherfuckers this holiday season. You look over the list of books I’ve got below, and tell me how many of what title you want. I send you an invoice via Paypal (you don’t have to have a paypal account to pay, you can use a credit card), and then I mail you shit. Yeah, you have to email me to make this happen. I only have so much time and I’m not interested in learning how to do an e-commerce plugin, so just send me an email with a list of the shit you want, and I’ll hook you up.

I usually mail this stuff media mail, because it’s cheaper. But that can take up to two weeks to get somewhere from Charlotte, NC. So I’ll send you two options on shipping – one for media mail and one for first class mail. I’ll probably charge a buck or two for packaging, because that shit ain’t free.

But if you’ve got somebody that you want to get a book for this holiday season, this is the best way to make that happen. And if you want me to insult somebody in the inscription, or just lick the page so you have a DNA sample for that pesky paternity suit, lemme know.

Autographed Book Price List

Black Knight Omnibus – Collects Books #1-3 (Hard Day’s Knight, Back in Black, Knight Moves) – $23.00

Paint it Black – Black Knight Chronicles #4 – $13

In the Still of the Knight – Black Knight Chronicles #5 – $13

Man in Black – Black Knight Chronicles #6 – $13

BLACK KNIGHT BUNDLE – The whole damn story so far – Omnibus & Books 4-6 – $55 (a savings of some number of dollars) 

Scattered, Smothered, & Chunked – Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1 – $15

Grits, Guns, & Glory – Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 2 – $15

BAG O’ BUBBA – Season 1 & 2 – $25

Quincy Harker, Year One – Collects Raising Hell, Straight to Hell, Hell on Heels, & Hell Freezes Over – $20

Genesis – $10

The Chosen – $10

The Big Bad Volume 2 – $15

The Big Bad Volume 2 Hardback – $25

GRAB BAG OF WILD-ASS SHIT – $20 – I’ll put at least $20 worth of stuff in the bag. It might be a Big Bad Hardback, it might be a couple of my collections of poetry, it might be a first edition of The Chosen with the crappy cover that hasn’t been available for three years. There’s bound to be something cool in there. I might even have a t-shirt lying around or something. Hell, I dunno what I’ll dig up to put in there.

So if you want to get any of this stuff, email me and I’ll hook you up.