Random Update

Still alive, mostly. Work has kicked my ass over the past couple of weeks, and all the hard work I put in on Seussical made me remember why I quit doing theatre – it’s HARD. The show looks great, though, and with 500 light and spot cues in 95 minutes of show, it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written. If you’re in Charlotte this weekend or next, I recommend it, especially if you have kids. Or act like one.

Right now I’m in a Springhill Suites in Pensacola Beach, Florida, after teaching a session at a Lighting for Worship workshop today. I’m teaching another session at the WFX (worship facilities expo) conference the end of next month, so if I’m not careful, I’m going to end up the expert on energy-efficient lighting for churches in the Southeast. There are worse outcomes, of course, but it’s not exactly where I’m shooting for my career to be heading. Not that I’m really sure where I want my career to be heading, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish, as they say. But work is going okay, even if I’m juggling managing two offices with directing a play. How did I ever think I was effective as a manager while I was running a theatre company? Talk about self-delusion! Yeah, now I manage more than twice as many people and do less than a quarter the theatre stuff I used to do, and it still takes all my time. Good thing I was kinda burned out on theater anyway.

I played a little poker last weekend at Bad Blood’s – finished down $40 for the night. Realistically should have finished up significantly, though. I got my stack in the middle three times, every time a big favorite, and got stacked once, quartered once and doubled up once. I got it in against Jim with nut flush against top set and he went runner-runner boat on me. Then I got it in against Lee Jones with top pair and a flush draw against overcards and a smaller flush draw. We ran it twice and he turned a bigger pair on the first board then got there on the low on the second board to quarter me. The last time I shipped it in I doubled through Otis with two pair and a flush draw in O8 against his overcards and a smaller flush draw. That one held up to double me up for only a small loss on the evening, but if my favorites had worked out I would have been a significant winner. Oh well, tomorrow I’m taking a vacation day and heading to Biloxi to see if I can recoup anything I lost there earlier this year.

Looking very, very forward to Vegas after a busy fall…

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