Playing Catsup

Because sometimes it’s all just a slimy mess around here. And the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. Since I got back from West Virginia, I’ve spent a few days in Atlanta, presented a seminar at a church construction trade show, lost $15 in a home game, won a poetry contest, and become (along with Special K) a real live podcaster.

Yeah, Special K and I are launching the Gambling Tales Podcast, which we’re tagging as the best in lies and legends about gambling and gamblers. Our first episode should be up on iTunes any day now, and features the inimitable BadBlood telling one of the few bad beat stories that I’ll listen to without charging the teller $1.

Speaking of bad beats, there were certainly a few laid down at the WSOP final table, more than one by our young champion Joe Cada. I think the kid will be a fine ambassador for poker, and I like the fact that his backing arrangements were all out in the open. It does the game no good for it to be a big secret that people are backed in poker tournaments, it makes things look even more shady than they really are.

I watched a little of the coverage, and thought that ESPN did a better job this year than last year. At least we got to see more than two hands of heads-up play! I did love the way they captured Ivey’s nonchalant response to the 3-outer that Moon laid on him to send him to the rail. Ivey got his money in with the best of it, and that’s all you can do as a poker pro – get your money in ahead and deal with the cards as they fall.

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