Ready for Prime Time – Again!

RDB coverSo in a fit of excitement about some upcoming readings, and a looming realization that I didn’t have any new material to sell at said readings, not to mention the understanding that Returning the Favor has finally almost sold out the initial print run and thus pretty much broke even or maybe actually made me a little bit of money, I have put together another collection, this time all poetry. This is poetry for people who don’t like poetry. Poems for people who drink too much, live too loud and have too many skeletons in their closet. Basically, people like you and me.

So Red Dirt Boy is now available from Lulu, my print on demand publisher. And Lulu has a deal going right now that if you buy more than $20 worth of stuff from them, you get free shipping, so you should totally combine your purchase of Red Dirt Boy with a copy of Returning the Favor if you don’t already have one. And if you do, toss a couple of copies of Red Dirt Review Vol. 1 into your cart.

If you’re only interested in one poetry collection, but still want to fill out your order to take advantage of the free shipping from Lulu, I highly recommend Lost Vegas, by Paul McGuire. This is a book I’ve been waiting to read for years, and I ordered my copy today. You should too! And if mystery is more your thing, check out Same Difference by Martin Harris. A real hard-boiled detective novel from another Carolina writer. And adding either of these books to your Red Dirt Boy order gets you free shipping, so it’s a great deal on some great summer reading!

I will have copies with me at most readings, so if you want to get a copy signed, that’s your best bet. Also, if you have a literary blog and want to do a review, contact me for a sample. I have very limited review copies, but can swing a few.

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