For my apple-lovin’ friends…

So if you want to get my book, The Chosen, on your iPad or iPhone and don’t want to wait until it’s available in the iTunes store (sometime in September we hope) here’s a post for you!

And if you don’t want to buy my book, but still want to put other e-books on your iPad, this will help with that anyway, and because I’ve given you such life-affirming advice that made the sun peek out from the clouds, birds sing and your car’s exhaust smell like lilacs and rose petals, you’ll go buy my book anyway.

So here’s how to put PDF files onto your iPad or iPhone in a few simple steps.

1) Buy your favorite new book in PDF format. Click here to do so.

2) Open iTunes.

3) Add the PDF file to your iTunes library. It should automatically show up under “Books.” If it doesn’t, drag it over there.

4) When you open iBooks (if you don’t have that app, go to the App Store and get it, it’s free) you will see a new tab that says “PDF.” Click that, and you’re ready to start reading.

There you go!

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