Just as I decided to rip apart the back cover blurb for Hard Day’s Knight, I find this post on the Publetariat today. Pretty nice, so I re-wrote the back blurb to more closely follow that format, and posted it on KindleBoards to crowdsource some feedback. I think within a day or two of working with the folks over there I should have a decent blurb ready to go. Then of course I’ll have to re-do the back cover, adding on the blurb, order a proof and approve it, and then the new copies will be ready sometime next year. Not a big deal, frankly, since I’ve got about 30 copies on order and ten in my truck, so I have plenty to sell until then. Once I’m done with HDK, I’ll probably re-do the back cover to The Chosen to incorporate some of the great reviews the book has gotten. Then maybe they’ll both be pretty much ready for public consumption.

HDK should be good to go in digital format next month. Rob tells me that we’re still on track to get the conversion done this month, and he’s the man, so I trust it will happen this week or next. Then it’s on me, and with Thanksgiving, a trip to Atlanta for work and a trip to NYC for vacation coming up I can’t make any promises. I would like to go ahead and release it for Kindle so that I can get some recommendations going before all those e-readers are given as Christmas gifts. I think the e-book market is going to see a huge swell this January as people load up the kindles and iPads they got for Christmas, so it’s fairly important to have as much product on the market as possible to catch the wave. I also really do believe that we’ll see this happen every year for the next several years, so it doesn’t kill me to only have two books out. That’s about all I can manage with a day job, anyway. And I’m a long, long way from not needing a day job. Speaking of which, I should go do that for a while instead of screwing around on here.
Happy Thanksgiving, folks! I’ll catch up with you after the holidays!

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