Getting ready…

There are a lot of preparations going on around the Casa de Hartness this week. Not only am I getting ready to head off to Vegas to play poker and drink like a college kid with some of my best friends (most of whom I see once a year if I’m lucky), but we’re also getting ready for a houseguest.

An invalid houseguest.

While I’m gone.

And it’s my sister.

If there was any question about the sainthood of my wife, it goes away when I tell you that for the second time in three months, my sister is staying with us after she has hip replacement surgery. She had the first hip done a little over two months ago, and now that the first leg is healed enough, it’s time to get the second one done.


So I’m picking her up tonight and she’ll spend tonight at our house, and Suzy will take her to the hospital tomorrow morning in the predawn frost. I’ll go off to work like normal, stop by and visit her tomorrow night, and then Thursday I’ll head west for my annual weekend of ridiculousness. I expect Bonnie will get home Friday, and if it’s anything like the last time, my wife will play nursemaid for the week while I cavort in Vegas and then come home and work just like nothing’s out of the ordinary. Because she does that. Suzy’s got the caregiver gene that I am apparently totally missing, and she takes such great care of anyone who’s sick, be it her relative or mine.

So I might need advice from a couple of my girly friends this weekend on a suitable gift to bring home, don’t ya think?

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