The beginnings of thanks

First I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has linked to the story on Facebook and a huge thanks to folks who have donated already! My invisible internet friends came up with several hundred bucks in just a couple of hours, and I appreciate everything. I can’t tell you how touched we all were with the community efforts this weekend, and I continue to be amazed at what everyone is doing. I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough, but I’ll try to start here.

You people are all amazing!

Shannon Jones Anderson, one of my dearest friends from college

StB, who despite his love for the Cowboys is one of the best guys I know

Boy Genius, who chipped in some of his last American dollars before moving Down Under

BadBlood, who is always welcome at my table and in my home

WolfsHead, a great guy who tries to put on a gruff exterior (and fails, you big softy!)

Doc Chako, my very favorite war hero

Stuart, the best Horton in the world

Angie and Charlie Flynn McIver, who produce some of the greatest theatre in the Carolinas and have hearts as big as their talent

And John Lee from New York, who I don’t even know if I know, but since enough people have re-linked to the original post, I appreciate the kindness of a friend of a friend

All these folks have answered my call for help for my brother and his wife, and I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ll be back in a day or so with an update, and with some plans for the new year, which include there being a whole lot less Falstaff to love in 2011! And more Falstaff to read!

But again, I can’t say it enough and it doesn’t really come close, but thank you all.

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