Write-in Campaign!

I want to sell books. I want to sell a LOT of books. One of the ways I can sell a lot of books is by getting noticed by a lot of people. Right now, Goodreads.com is having a Best of 2010 contest, and I’d like all of you to write in The Chosen for Best Debut Author. Most of you have told me you liked the book, and it would increase my recognition quite a bit to make the top ten or so on the list. Also feel free to vote me in on any other categories that make sense. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.

So please take a moment and click the widget below or on the right side of the page. Then click on Debut Author, scroll down to the bottom, and write in my name. When The Chosen pops up, click on it and vote!  And hurry – you only have until January 5th to make it happen! But you guys rock, so I have faith in your ability to click a button!
And thanks.

Write me in for Debut Author!

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