Listen to this – Sol Driven Train

Last night Suzy and I went to see Hayseed Dixie at the Neighborhood Theatre, and the boys were rockin’, as always. We had decided to blow it off, but at the last minute, an actress from the show Suzy’s working on (The Princess Bride for Citzens of the Universe) called us to see if we were still going, and since I’d managed a long nap in the afternoon, I said “fuggit, let’s roll.” So I threw on my cowboy boots, my Cross Canadian Ragweed (RIP to one of my fave Okie bands) and we headed out to drink cheap beer and yell WHOOOOO at a bunch of bluegrassed-up hard rock covers.

If you’ve not ever seen Hayseed Dixie live before, I’ll pause while you cruise on over to YouTube and check out the madness.

You back? Okay, good. Well, the Hayseed Dixie boys were all that we expected them to be, but the surprise of the night for me was the opener, a little band from Charleston called Sol Driven Train. These guys were awesome! They were kinda like what you’d get out of a love child of OAR and Little Feat, plenty of hot percussion, cool horns and just generally fun, bouncy boogie. I bought both their CDs before we left and am looking forward to rocking out to them as I drive south tomorrow afternoon.

Yep, headed back to the ATL after being down there all week last week. I’ll be at our open house for the new office Tuesday, then the Southeastern Theatre Conference Wednesday through Saturday, heading home on Sunday morning. Or early afternoon at least. I’ll try to update the blog at least a couple times through the week, because I do have some awesome books I want to spotlight, and I’ll have a guest post on Nyx Book Reviews at some point this week. Celine over there is giving Hard Day’s Knight a review, and she’s letting me do a spot on character development as well.

Got the proof in for the print edition of Back in Black, and wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. There were some hefty pagination and header/footer issues, but I think I have those all resolved and have ordered a new proof. Hopefully that can get going quickly and I can get hard copies in hand before the Charlotte ComiCon on the 20th, but if not I’ll have plenty of copies of Hard Day’s Knight and The Chosen with me. The ebook of Back in Black is moving a few copies, but it hasn’t been the meteoric rise that I’d hoped. So get off your collective asses and go buy a book! 🙂

As we wrap up February it looks to have been a decent month, with almost 90 total books sold. That’s going to be my best month sales-wise to date, although not as strong monetarily because of the price drop on Hard Day’s Knight. But with things moving steadily along, maybe next month I break 100 units delivered! Still not quit my job money, but almost enough to buy a tank of gas at today’s prices!

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