Where I am this week…

Atlanta, of course, because I’ve spent way too much time down here lately. The Southeastern Theatre Conference is in town, so I’ll be here through Saturday, teaching classes, buying drinks and generally trying to make the company some money while having as good a time as is allowed by law. You know how to find me if you’re in town.

I’m also online in the new issue of Truckin’. Pauly was kind enough to offer up a spot in a couple of issues for previews from my books, and being the attention whore that I am, I took him up on it gladly. There are always great stories by great writers in Truckin’, you should check it out!

I’m in proof review for Back in Black, so hopefully hard copies will be available for people to order from Amazon next week. They would likely already be good to go, but for the fact that I’m not in town to see the proof, and the pagination in the first copy was all jacked up.

Until I have time to write more, check out this pic I swiped off Tommy Tomlinson’s Facebook page.

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