Lists, rankings and other stuff

So it’s been a good month, I think that’s a pretty solid understatement. I’ve sold far more copies of all of my books than I have in any other month, and in some cases I’ve sold more copies this month than I have all other months combined. And in a great bit of circular sales, as my books sell more, they appear on more bestseller lists on Amazon, so they’re easier to find, so they sell more. So they move up on lists, so they’re even easier to find than before, so they sell more. And so on…

It’s been a lot of fun watching my books hover around the middle of most of these lists, but the great part has been watching Hard Day’s Knight skyrocket up the Occult Horror list. It’s currently sitting around #10, and is sharing the list with folks like Joe Konrath, Amanda Hocking, Scott Nicholson, and other big-selling authors. But making these sub-lists isn’t what I’m shooting for – I want to make the big list. The Amazon Top 100.

Honestly, I don’t know what the criteria are anymore for being considered a “best-seller.” It used to be making the NY Times list, and for traditionally published authors maybe it still is. But they don’t count indies, no matter how many we sell, so I think their list is skewed. Obviously the Amazon list is skewed, since it’s only one store, but it is a pretty good barometer for ebook sales. At least I think.But I’ve got a long way to go before I can use the term best-seller with regards to any of my books, at least with a straight face. But sales are chugging along, and if things keep going like they have been, then I’ll probably do fewer book shows and stay home and write more. But we’ll see how I feel after the SC Book Festival and Heroes Con in the next couple months.

Meh, file this under incoherent blog posts, I need a nap. Happy Easter, folks!

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