Updates and Tour Stuff

Rent is up, and it’s fantastic. If you’re in the Charlotte area anytime in the next two weeks, and can get a ticket (several performances are already sold out), you should come see this show. It’s one of the best casts I’ve worked with, very even from ensemble to leads, and the voices are amazing! They have a ton of energy, a ton of devotion to the show, and they leave everything they’ve got out on the stage every night. They hold nothing back, which is fantastic. It might be tough this Saturday night when they have two shows, but for everything else, it’s awesome! I’ll link to some photos and videos eventually, I was really happy with the way the show turned out, and a couple of folks have said that it’s probably the best thing they’ve seen me do.

I tend to agree, I think this is the best show I’ve ever lit. I’ve done well over a hundred shows, from musicals to straight plays, comedy to drama, and this one tops them all. There was one moment last week when I watched a scene unfold, the song finished up and I thought “I don’t know if I can do that any better.” Which is why I’m quitting.

I’m retiring as a lighting designer, at least for the near future. I’ve done what I can do in this market, with the available resources, and this is a great show to end my run on. Now this might end up being a Ric Flair-type retirement, that happens every couple of years until I die, but if I don’t ever do another show, I can be very happy with the body of work I’ve presented to the world. And with RENT being a show that I wanted to do for more than a decade, it’s fitting to call it done with this one.

Because I have this other career that is taking off. You know, the one that you are probably here to read about. The one that has me toodling around the internets for the next couple of weeks checking in at different blogs all over the place, doing interviews and guest posts and giveaways, oh my! So the tour continues, and today I’m over at Urban Fantasy Investigations giving an interview, so swing by and say hello!

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