Holidays rolling in

I had this long post about half-written whining about how my holidays were going to be all screwed up again this year (if you’ve been around a while, you may recall that my brother’s house burned down last Christmas Eve) because my other brother got a MRSA infection after his most recent knee replacement surgery. Then I got a text saying that he’d be able to leave the hospital tomorrow instead of having to stay there anywhere from two days to four weeks, like we’d thought as recently as yesterday.

So now I’m happy again, and less likely to whine at you about my life, which when you really look at it, is pretty damn awesome. I’ve been happily married for most of sixteen years. And the rest of the time she still puts up with me. I’ve got a great budding career as a writer that is going to let me quit my day job next year and chase a childhood dream. I have a home and two cats that tolerate me. I still have both parents, although who knows for how much longer. And I have great siblings, nieces and nephews.

So I’ve got it pretty good. And I won’t waste any of our time whining about my life when there are people out there who really need your help. So instead of feeling sorry for me, when there’s no decent reason, why don’t you poke around on the internet and do something good for somebody else?

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