Winner, winner…

I’m not sure why the phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” annoys me, but it does. Perhaps because it makes no sense other than to force a mediocre rhyme. Maybe I’m just an ass.

Whatever. But today we do have some winners to announce – the winners of the Kindle Fire giveaway! That’s right, two lucky people won a Kindle Fire last night, and they already know who they are. So now I can tell you fine folks.

Our first winner is Valerie Huffman. She tweeted about the contest, bought books to get extra entries, took a picture of herself reading a book in public, liked all my pages, and basically did everything you can do to earn extra entries into the contest. And it paid off with her brand new Kindle!

Our second winner is Erin Wood. She liked my Facebook page. That’s it. She got one entry. And it’s all she needed! She also has bought a bunch of my books, but she had them before the contest, so didn’t get any extra entries for it.

So a tale of two winners, I’m glad that both of them are actual fans, instead of drive-by entrants. I also hope that some of the drive-by entrants turn into real fans in time. I also hope that everyone had fun, and has a happy holiday season, even without me giving you an electronic toy.

Merry Christmas (and Hannukah, and Solstice, and Kwanzaa, and Festivus, etc. etc.)!


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